6 signs that you pay attention to your sugar intake

Our diet is the basis of our health. To preserve one’s health and one’s body, it is important to eat everything in a balanced way. However, we tend to give in to our desires. In fact, it can happen to us not to have as balanced a diet as we should. So here are 6 signs that you consume too much sugar. If you have one or more of these signs, you should pay attention to your sugar intake.

Indeed, our body needs a certain amount of sugar to function. Carbohydrates feed our muscles but also our brain. However, an excess of sugar in the blood can be particularly dangerous. This will not only cause weight gain, but it will also lead to illness such as diabetes. It is therefore important to pay attention to this to be in good health.

1. Cravings

If you suffer from cravings regularly, this is one of the signs that you consume too much sugar. Indeed, sugar is addictive. If you always feel like you want to eat more sugar when you have had a good meal, you are consuming so much sugar. Sugar addiction leads to real cravings during the day. You will have an irresistible urge to eat something sweet.

Sugar Intake | 6 symptoms to know you consume too much sugarIf you do not satisfy your desires, you may even suffer from irritability and dissatisfaction. It is therefore important to learn how to get rid of this addiction by reducing sugar consumption gradually. In addition, force yourself to make healthy but rich meals, so as not to be hungry during the day. Keep a fruit nearby to eat if you are hungry. Sweet products like ice cream, cookies and sweets do not satisfy your hunger but make you want to eat even more.

2. Wrinkles

One of the signs that you consume too much sugar? The presence of wrinkles. Indeed, sugar affects the quality and quantity of collagen and elastin produced by our body. These two proteins allow us to stay young and give elasticity to our skin. Without them, we have wrinkles faster and our skin ages faster. The solution? Decrease your sugar intake so that it is moderate.

Sugar Intake | 6 symptoms to know you consume too much sugarYes, if you want to have beautiful skin for longer, it is important that you pay attention to your sugar consumption. It reduces its contribution to processed products (which contain significant amounts of sugar). It is also important to drink plenty of water and drastically reduce the consumption of juices and soft drinks. We also choose to consume natural sugar, like that found in fruits.

3. Visceral fat

Another sign that you consume too much sugar? Have fat in the organs and belly. A study of people drinking sugary drinks and people drinking only water or milk showed something amazing. People who consumed sugary drinks had a much higher rate of fat in the organs, liver, and belly. Likewise, their levels of bad cholesterol were very high.

To avoid suffering from this problem, it is therefore important to limit and control its sugar intake. In fact, to lose fat in the belly and to prevent fat from being assimilated into the central organs, it is important to eat less sugar. In this way, one is automatically in better health. Combining this with a regular sports activity helps to keep your body healthy. And we keep the line!

4. Pain in the teeth

Sugar Intake | 6 symptoms to know you consume too much sugarOne of the signs that you consume too much sugar? Suffer from pain in the teeth. Indeed, bacteria living inside your mouth feed on sugar. If you consume too much, they proliferate. In fact, they attack your teeth and cause cavities or even toothache. The solution? Pay attention to its sugar intake. Indeed, your intake of sugar on a day should represent only 2 to 3% of all the food you consume. It is, therefore, a question of consuming much less sugar than is regularly done. In addition, we pay particular attention to one thing. Sugar tends to hide in certain foods! So we run away from processed foods like the plague!

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5. Inflammations

One of the signs that you consume too much sugar? Suffering from inflammations. Indeed, this is especially important in children. Studies in children aged 2 to 9 show that children who eat too much sugar have a high risk of developing chronic inflammation in adulthood. Children who consumed fruits and vegetables regularly as children were less likely to suffer from these types of problems.

Sugar Intake | 6 symptoms to know you consume too much sugarIt is therefore important to pay attention to his sugar intake, but also to that of his children. In women, consuming sugary drinks such as soda or industrial orange juice carries a high risk of arthritis. Similarly, high consumption of sugar can cause inflammation of the digestive system. So we pay a lot of attention to that and we listen to his body! If he tells us that we consume too much sugar, we stop right now!

6. Digestion problems

One of the signs that you consume too much sugar? Having digestive problems. In fact, excessive sugar consumption can prevent the digestive system from functioning properly. Fructose (another name for sugar) helps make the wall of the small intestine too thin. In fact, the substances can reach the blood. This is dangerous for health. Similarly, fructose can cause inflammation in the liver and even liver cancer.

Sugar Intake | 6 symptoms to know you consume too much sugarSugar also has a negative impact on your intestinal flora. If you consume too much, you may suffer an imbalance in the bacteria in your gut. This can lead to inflammation, insulin resistance, and other health problems. To avoid this, it is important not only not to consume too much sugar but also to eat healthy foods for your intestinal flora.

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