Running heating, ventilation and air conditioning services requires a lot of decentralization and delegation. Having trustworthy employees is always admired. Today, by good luck, there is a very excellent app that allows close monitoring and duty allocation in whatever the nature of the company. Genio app is a top-rated software and a global leader that is used by thousands of companies around the world. The app is customized to improve the productivity and efficiency of your staff through team scheduling, team chats, location via GPRS, task management and attendance through facial recognition.

Benefits of Genio App to HVAC Service Company

  1. Monitoring of Dispatches: This app is tailored to monitor the dispatches of your materials to the customer for installation or repair. All the movement is tracked as well so there is no need to worry.
  2. Secure Controls: The level of security and control with this app is unparalleled. With face recognition, QR scans and digital signatures, be sure that only the correct personnel deals with the installation materials.
  1. Downward communication: The head office will need to deliver down instructions to the supervisors and team leaders. The app offers exemplary communication platforms and security that will allow you to do just that.
  1. Administration of supervisors: HVAC services are outdoor works that require going out for installations and repairs. A close communication and monitoring of the supervisors is always good. With this app, you can control everything from your sofa.
  1. Access to manuals and tutorials: In case your teams get stuck anywhere in the installation or repair process, the app offers an instant access to pre-installed manuals and tutorials.

The Genio app is the industry leader in services used by people. Some of the wonderful features include:

  1. Attendance with Face ID: With face recognition ability, checking in and out of work is now easier than ever. All you need is an access to a smartphone which nearly everyone has. The information is easily and quickly relayed to the supervisors and team leaders. Additionally, the app can create a weekly report which you can use to make accurate payroll calculations.
  1. Easy and Quick Communication: Genio app allows the users to chat, call and easily access the calendar for each team. Through this capability, chats are created, shifts scheduled, and tasks assigned to teams and individuals.
  1. Easy Sharing of Tasks: Creating tasks is a simple thing. Once created, you can share them or assign them to let’s say installers. That’s not the end, you are also capable of monitoring the progress of your assigned duties.
  1. Team Location: Dispatching teams to various directions isn’t enough alone. You also need to closely monitor where exactly the work is being done. For example, HVAC installation or repairs should have location accessed frequently.
  1. Job and Calendar Controls: With the ability to assign duties and monitor them, you can also add instructions, places, dates and time.

As a manager, supervisor, entrepreneur or a worker on a team or with employees, take the Genio app as your work management tool. Sign up your members very easily and start assigning duties and monitoring work progress.

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