10 anti-mosquito solutions for this summer

When the summer is approaching, we appreciate the temperatures but not some inconveniences that come with it. Like mosquitoes for example! Here are 10 anti-mosquito solutions for this summer. These are 100% effective! You absolutely do not have to take the lead, they are easier to apply. If you want to effectively get rid of mosquitoes and their bites, just start.

Yes, there are more effective solutions than hiding under your cover! Just find effective solutions to repel mosquitoes. There are also more natural solutions and yet just as effective as others. The anti-mosquito repellent, some essential oils or a mosquito net … We thought of everything!

So, here we explain our best anti-mosquito solutions for during the summer

1. The mosquito repellent

One of the anti-mosquito solutions for this summer? Use anti-mosquito product. Indeed, some anti-mosquito products that are on the market are really effective. They contain products that kill mosquitoes effectively. Those found in catches are the easiest to use. They are simply plugged in and let them act.

anti-mosquito solutionsSome catches contain natural products. These act of repelling mosquitoes with products that make them flee. Others kill them. However, these should be avoided. Inhaling the products emitted by them can indeed be dangerous for our own health. It is, therefore, a question of making sure not to use the harmful products. We, therefore, favor organic or natural name products. For example, those containing lemongrasses are very effective.

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2. Use a mosquito net

The mosquito net is one of the anti-mosquito solutions for this summer. Indeed, using a mosquito net at its front door, its windows or its bed can be very useful. This is an object that is very easy to use and yet extremely effective. It is placed where there is a tendency to observe mosquitoes most of the time. This method is totally natural and safe.

The mosquito net allows air to pass through and is close enough to prevent mosquitoes and other small insects from crossing it. This allows you to get rid of a simple and effective way of mosquitoes. You will not pollute the atmosphere of your home. Similarly, you will not kill mosquitoes and therefore help to preserve the environment. It’s so simple and so effective!

3. Certain essential oils

anti-mosquito solutionsOne of the anti-mosquito solutions for this summer? Use essential oil. Indeed, some essential oils have the power to really fight against different problems. Some are particularly effective in combating the presence of mosquitoes. Their smell repels them. It is, therefore, a question of applying a few drops in your interior. You can also apply a drop or two to your skin. We recommend lemon eucalyptus essential oil or lavender essential oil. This will prevent the mosquitoes from approaching you and thus sting you.

4. LED lamps

Another anti-mosquito solution for this summer? Use LED lamps. Indeed, mosquitoes are naturally attracted to light. If you turn on a conventional lamp, it can attract them. Especially if you are using sodium lamps or yellow light bulbs. The solution? Choose LED lamps. Mosquitoes are not attracted by the light that they produce.

It is very easy to find on the market. For example, they are found in supermarkets or in decoration or DIY stores. This method is very effective and you avoid having to turn off the lights too early to avoid attracting mosquitoes! In addition, this method is absolutely not toxic or polluting. So we do not hesitate to adopt it as soon as we want.

5. Lemongrass

One of the anti-mosquito solutions for this summer? Use lemongrass. This is one of the simplest and yet most effective methods for fighting mosquitoes. Indeed, its smell helps to disrupt the nervous system of mosquitoes. Sensing the smell of lemongrass, the mosquitoes are disturbed and move away. However, its smell may not be appreciated by all.

anti-mosquito solutionsYou can use a citronella scented cream that is applied to the skin directly. But it is also possible to light candles scented with lemongrass. There are also lemongrass sprays and use in your interior. By doing this, you will allow your interior to no longer attract mosquitoes! This way, they will not sting you anymore and you will finally feel free of this problem!

6. Avoid dark-colored clothing

Another anti-mosquito solution for this summer? Avoid wearing dark colored clothing. Indeed, mosquitoes are attracted by dark colors. They also spot us when we wear colorful clothes with patterns for example. So we choose rather wear pastel colors or clear. Beige, white or powdery pink are perfect colors to wear during the summer.

In addition, it’s season! So we do not hesitate! It’s a simple trick to apply and yet it works with thunder. It is therefore absolutely essential to wear colors such as black, dark green or brown during the summer. It would be playing with fire and trying the devil! Yes, it is important to take precautions so as not to suffer from mosquito bites. Nothing easier, right?

7. Take a shower

anti-mosquito solutionsOne of the anti-mosquito solutions for this summer? To shower more often. Indeed, mosquitoes tend to be attracted by the smell of perspiration. Having impeccable hygiene is therefore absolutely essential to avoid mosquitoes. It’s not about washing three times a day, but just showering regularly. Similarly, we regularly refresh the areas of our body that sweat a lot.

8. The water

One of the anti-mosquito solutions for this summer? Using water in a bowl. Indeed, mosquitoes are naturally attracted to water. They are often seen flying over lakes for example. Placing a bowl of water in a room in your home will help keep mosquitoes away. Indeed, attracted by these water zones, they will not approach you. It’s simple, and yet it works.

So we choose to place bowls of water far enough away in a room. In this way, the mosquitoes will move directly to this area as soon as they enter the room. You can then catch them and put them out if you wish. You can also find other solutions. But it’s one of the healthiest, simplest and most effective ways to fight mosquitoes in the summer.

9. Garlic

anti-mosquito solutionsOne of the anti-mosquito solutions for this summer? Garlic. Indeed, garlic has the incredible property of truly repelling mosquitoes. So, for example, you can think of planting garlic in your garden to repel mosquitoes. It can also be beneficial to sprinkle powdered garlic on your patio or in some corners of your home. This will repel mosquitoes effectively.

Indeed, by using garlic at the entrance of your house and your windows, for example, it will be much easier for you to get rid of mosquitoes. The smell of garlic will create a barrier against mosquitoes. That way, they will not go home. Yes, mosquitoes are real mini-vampires! Garlic repels them just like these imaginary creatures!

10. Use a mosquito trap

anti-mosquito solutionsOne of the anti-mosquito solutions for this summer? Use a mosquito trap. Indeed, a mosquito trap can be an extremely effective solution. Indeed, these traps work by producing elements that attract mosquitoes. Which one is it? Simply heat and carbon dioxide. Mosquitoes attracted by these two elements are trapped and die instantly. An effective method, but a little less natural than the previous ones! It’s up to you to see and make your choice.

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