10 foods that should not keep in the refrigerator!

The refrigerator … the great friend of the houses but especially of these inhabitants. It has allowed the world to keep food cool. Magic? Not scientific! But did you know that not all foods go in the fridge?Here is a list of 10 foods that should not keep in the refrigerator.

1. The lawyer

keep in the refrigeratorThe lawyer does not go to the refrigerator! Whether it is firm or ripe it should be kept at room temperature. Placed fresh, your lawyer will blacken faster than in the open air.

On the other hand, if your lawyer is sliced ​​he can be stored in the fridge. Only if it is sprinkled with a few drops of lemon juice and wrapped in plastic film, otherwise it will also darken.

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2. The eggs

keep in the refrigeratorWell, yeah! Eggs do not go in the fridge! You will tell me “but there is a site reserved for them? “Absolutely! But their shells tend to absorb the odors of your fridge. An egg that smells of sardines or cheese is not the best, so it is best to keep them at room temperature.

3. Honey

keep in the refrigeratorDo you put your honey in the fridge? Bad reflex! There is no need to put it in the fridge because thanks to its sugar content it can be preserved naturally for years. If you put it cool, your honey may crystallize and harden, which will not facilitate its use.

4. Onions should not be keep in the refrigerator

keep in the refrigeratorJust like potatoes, onions should be kept in a dry place. In the fridge, the moisture will tend to lose the flavor of your onions, they can also soften and mold more quickly.

5. The potatoes

keep in the refrigeratorKeep your potatoes in a dry place and away from light. Placed in the refrigerator they will lose their texture and will become granular once cooked. Why? Because the starch they contain does not support low temperatures.

Avoid storing them in a plastic bag as they will tend to rot quickly.

6. The basil

keep in the refrigerator3 days … this is usually the time when you can keep basil after you buy it. But if you put it in the refrigerator it may fade and absorb odors within it.

The basil can be preserved like the flowers, in a glass of water or you can also cut it and put it in the freezer.

7. The chocolate should not be kept in the refrigerator

keep in the refrigeratorWhen you put your chocolate bar in the fridge it turns white. Have you often wondered why? Well, it’s the cocoa butter that tends to rise to the surface under the effect of the cold. So that your chocolate keeps all its flavor, place it in a temperate place away from light and heat.

8. The tomatoes

keep in the refrigeratorIf you place your tomatoes in the refrigerator they may lose their flavor and soften. Why? Placed in the crisper, the cold will break the cell walls of the fruit and therefore will make your tomato bland and floury.

9. Nectarines

keep in the refrigeratorAll fruits tend to lose their texture and flavor in contact with low temperatures, especially so-called juice fruits. They are best kept at room temperature, their nutrients will be much better preserved and your nectarines will be less acidic and retain their sweet taste.

10. Cucumber should not be keep in the refrigerator

keep in the refrigeratorCucumber is a fragile vegetable. In the refrigerator, the cucumber will wither, will become bland and will even lose its taste. It is, therefore, best to keep it in a cool, dry place.

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