10 Mistakes to avoid when choosing your perfect wedding dress

Needless to say, you’ll be the most beautiful on D-day. And that’s why, in your perilous journey to find THE dress of your life, some mistakes can be avoided. We try to explain how to choose your perfect wedding dress, what are the pitfalls to go around, how to make your dress fitting …

Discover our 10 tips to choose the perfect wedding dress according to your desires!

Cheap wedding dress or designer: The important thing is that you have a real crush. For this, carefully follow our advice.

Make a fitting with all her girlfriends

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Even if it’s tempting to bring back your entire girlfriend or family (mother, aunt, sister, grandmother, 5-year-old cousin), it’s best to have one or two maximum. Choose a person of taste and who will not hesitate to make constructive remarks to you “no, this boa with glitter is not very adapted to your romantic vintage dress”.

Suggest to your band of friends to come to discover your dress during the second fitting, this time, the chatter is widely recommended!

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Choose a dress that does not fit you

You make a fixate on the wedding dress of your favorite star. Lack of luck, you have neither the same shapes nor the same style usually … It is a shame not to choose your perfect wedding dress according to your personality or your usual tastes. The prettiest bride is a bride who stays true to what she really is!

Choose your dress at the last moment

The idea is to choose your perfect wedding dress well in advance. Indeed, the majority of weddings taking place during the summer, the future brides all wish to try and buy the dress of their dreams during the same period. If you choose to entrust the choice of your dress to a small creator, his schedule may be overloaded … If you choose a dress of large manufacturer, the models may be quickly limited if you delay too much.

Finally, by choosing your perfect wedding dress well in advance, you take into account the different fitting necessary before the day!

Make fittings in unsuitable undergarments

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Favor flesh-colored undergarments, rather than your non-assumable Hello Kitty panties. On the one hand, you will spend the majority of your fitting the panties to the air (the time that the counselor fixes this or that part of the dress), on the other hand, it is much better to wear underwear. invisible clothes to make you a real opinion of the dress you are trying.

Tip: even better than the bra, silicone bras of good quality (we find great at Asos.fr) are perfect allies because very discreet.

Overloading her outfit

A wreath, a veil, gloves, a necklace, dangling earrings, a bouquet larger than your head. It does not do a lot a lot? Choose one or two major accessories (the veil and bouquet for example) and stay discreet on the rest. A subtle feminine bride is exactly what you want to look like. “Not too much is needed” as the saying goes.

To be beautiful … and uncomfortable

perfect wedding dress

Do not forget that you will remain a majority of the day in motion: between the ceremony, the kiss to the whole family, the dinner where you will see everyone, the play, the first dance and the evening of madness … You deserve a dress in which you will be at your ease. Exit the sumptuous dresses with which you cannot take a step. Hello, beautiful dresses in which you feel more beautiful and assured than ever!

Think carefully about her dress according to the theme of her wedding

Wanting to be all glitter dressed for a rural wedding or on the contrary, to play “barefoot bride” in a classy reception room, it is not necessarily a good idea. It is important to adapt your dress to the conditions of marriage and the spirit you want to confer.

Dream on off-budget models

The first thing to do is to set a budget … and stick to it. Impose this discipline, the choice of your dress will be easier! Like that, you cannot have a belly-ball when you look at Vera Wang’s latest collection …

Head down and try more dresses

perfect wedding dress

Because it’s exhausting and it’s confusing the mind. Think more about your desires, take a look at the sites of different creators and re-sellers or check out our selection shopping perfect wedding dress. Note the models that you really like in a small notebook to not forget anything. By trying too many dresses, your head may end up in watermelon!

Bet on a diet to choose the size of her dress

If it is easy to tighten the dress thanks to the work of a seamstress fairy, the opposite is not so simple. It is therefore very bad omen to want to buy a dress too small by saying that the day. Thanks to the miracle diet we started last week (and that we may be stopping tomorrow who knows?), the dress should fit us perfectly. The good idea is to take a dress that suits us ideally at the moment. And to warn the sales consultant that we are eventually on the diet. It will be able to organize itself for any adjustment.

Now that you have found the perfect wedding dress, are you looking for tricks to organize your wedding?

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