10 Ornamental fish for beginners

If you are a beginner in the exciting world of aquariums and you do not know which ornamental fish to choose here, we give you a small summary of 1 0 of the easiest ornamental fish to take care of that makes them ideal for beginners. Always remember that in a community aquarium, where several species live, they must be compatible with each other, and that the size of the aquarium must be appropriate for the size of the species and the amount of fish.

Here we list 10 popular ornamental fish for beginners

1. Guppys

ornamental fishThese ornamental fish native to South America are viviparous fish and reproduce every 30 days or so. This fish can live in fairly hard waters and are ideal with live plants. They can be found in many colors and shapes of fins, the males are more striking than the females. They can live in aquariums from 19 liters.

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2. Platys and swordtails

Ornamental fishWe put them together because of their similarity in character. Both groups are from Central America and the male is usually more striking than the female, as is the case with guppies. The platys are oviparous but also reproduce easily. In addition, they are very good with live plants and can help control algae. They can be found in many colors and tail shapes, the sword tails grow a little more. They can live in aquariums from 76 liters.

3. Bettas

Ornamental fishA classic Asian fish in the aquarium. They breathe atmospheric air and the male beta fish are especially striking. They can live in aquariums or better from 2 or 3 liters, you just have to change the water regularly.

4. Danios

Ornamental fishThe danios are a group of Asian ornamental fish with sizes ranging from small to large (up to 12.7 cm long). They are fast moving fish, they are active, strong and not at all shy. The size of the aquarium will depend on the danium in particular, since as we have commented its sizes vary from one type to another of fish.

5. Neons tetras or cardinals

Ornamental fishSouth American fishes that go in groups, have a peaceful character and a great color. Aquariums from 19 liters are suitable for a group of 6 to 10 cardinals.

6. Corydoras

Ornamental fishThere are many species of corydoras, they are fish that exist since the Paleocene. These ideal bottom ornamental fish for beginners are American and very peaceful, who prefer to be in groups of at least 3 fish. The substrate should be thin and smooth so it does not damage your whiskers.

7. Rasboras

Ornamental fishAsian fish, quite resistant and attractive, include several species among which there are many easy to maintain. They go in groups like the Cardinals and can go in aquariums from 19 liters for a group of 6 to 10.

8. Black tetras or nuns

Ornamental fishThey are fast, tough, large and tough South American fish. It is a fish that goes in groups of at least 6, and must be kept with fish that are rather quick and big like the big danios species.

9. Blue Gourami

Ornamental fishThese ornamental fish native to Asia are resistant, move a lot, are large (can reach 7 to 10 cm in length) and can become aggressive among themselves. So it is recommended to have one or two per aquarium as much.  They can live in aquariums of at least 76 liters.

10. Scales or angelfish

Ornamental fishThese classics of the aquarium are South American cichlids and can try to eat smaller fish. They must live in aquariums at least 114 liters, 40 cm high.

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