10 ways to free your home from bad energy

Sometimes all you need is a balance of energy to feel better about yourself and all aspects of your life. To achieve this, it can be helpful to learn how to free your home from bad energy. Indeed, your place of life is a very important element when it comes to your mood and your attitude, whether positive or negative. Learning to keep only the right energies at home is, therefore, a great idea.

Negative energy can disrupt your harmony and lifestyle. By releasing them, you will be able to see the positive side of things in any situation. Likewise, your well-being will increase dramatically and your environment will be more conducive to activities that benefit you and your health, such as meditation or yoga.

Here are 10 ways to free your home from bad energy

1. Make a big cleaning

To release his house of bad energies, nothing like starting to do a big cleaning. An uncomfortable, cluttered and the badly arranged room can make you feel bad. If you think about cleaning your environment and making it clean and tidy, you’ll feel better. To eliminate negative energies, it is imperative that you make sure to tidy up your interior.

home from bad energyVacuum all rooms. Remember to remove dust from all nooks and make sure your kitchen is perfectly clean. Also, remember to throw away or give away any items you no longer need and clutter your home. Having a cluttered interior can disrupt you and make you less fit to feel good and zen. Another little tip? Do not forget to make sure that your house feels good!

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2. Use incense or certain herbs

To free your home from bad energy, you can think of using incense. Incense is a resin that can be burned to spread its smoke. Its smell is pleasant and helps to purify the air but also to relax. It is often said that incense has the property of removing bad energy effectively. An alummette or lighter can be used to burn incense sticks.

It is also possible to have an incense burner to better spread the smell through your home. Another plant whose steam can help you get rid

of negative energies? Sage can be burned and smoke spread through the inside. This makes it possible to transform negative energy into positive energy. In addition, its smell is pleasant and truly soothing.

3. Change your furniture

To free his house from bad energy, changing his furniture may be necessary. Indeed, the furniture and the disposition of these have an effect on our mood and our perception. Some call it “feng shui”. By organizing your interior properly, you can feel much better in all circumstances. So choose the location of your furniture and look at the effect it will have on you.

home from bad energyAn important thing about negative energy? It tends to hang on objects. In fact, to get rid of it, changing the location of your items and trinkets can help. However, when moving your furniture and objects, pay attention to your comfort and accessibility. Do not make your interior an impractical environment. Changing the furniture location once a month is usually sufficient.

4. Open curtains and windows

To free your home from bad energy, opening curtains and windows is a good idea. Indeed, sunlight has a beneficial effect on our energy but also on our mood. Fresh air also has a positive effect on your energy and that of your home. Remember to open your windows regularly to ventilate. Open the curtains when the sun comes to the tip of his nose.

You will quickly feel better and more rested. Sunbathing can also help you feel better. If you have a balcony or garden, then, enjoy! The sun’s rays will provide you with vitamin D. It helps fight against moody moods and depression. We do not hesitate! And then, open your window or curtains, it costs nothing, and it has a real positive effect on you!

5. Sea salt

To free your home from bad energy, using sea salt can be a great idea. Indeed, sea salt is known to retain the good energies and chase the bad ones. How to use it for your interior? Nothing’s easier! All you need to do is mix it up with a little water and make it a spray that you use in the corners of your house. You can also simply sprinkle some sea salt at home and vacuum the next day. Bathing in salt water will also have beneficial effects on your personal energy.

6. Knock on his hands

To free one’s home from bad energy, hitting in one’s hands can also be effective. Indeed, hitting in his hands can help disperse bad energies. The vibrations and sound emitted by your hands have the power to create positive energy in the air. That’s why we tend to applaud to congratulate someone. This noise creates a positive energy. Other loud noises have the same effect.

home from bad energyThe sound of fireworks, thunder or bells have the same effect. However, hitting in his hands is the simplest technique. It is also the one that will disturb the least your neighbors and your entourage! If they were unhappy, it would create even more negative energy! And you’ll understand, this is not the goal. So we pay attention to all this. Prefer to strike in your hands lightly.

7. Essential oils to release your home from negative energies

To release your home from bad energy, using essential oils is a great idea. Indeed, essential oils have the ability to attract positive energy and calm you down. They sanitize your home and the air you breathe. Some even contribute, by their simple smell, to calm you down, to relax and to relax effectively. So we choose the essential oils to use at home.

We recommend at first the essential oil of lavender. Indeed, it attracts positive energy and allows you to feel better and rested. In addition, it keeps away small animals that could bother you. Its smell is very pleasant. You can also choose to use other essential oils such as lemon essential oil, thyme or eucalyptus.

8. The plants

To free his house from bad energy, nothing like using plants. Plants are indeed beneficial for your health and your morale. They allow you to feel better and in harmony with what surrounds you. Just smelling the smell of your houseplants or watching them can calm you down and make you more relaxed and happy. So think about buying one or two houseplants if you do not have one already.

home from bad energyIndeed, nature is an element that soothes us and reminds us where we come from. That’s why noises like rolling waves or rustling leaves tend to rock us gently. All the natural elements, when we listen to them, feel them or look at them, bring us a kind of inner peace that is quite impressive. It’s very simple and it really works, so we do not hesitate!

9. The crystal

To free her house from bad energies, there’s nothing like decorating it with crystals. The crystals have the benefit of repelling the bad energies and preventing them from stagnating at home. They are therefore used as often as necessary, by placing some at home. They can be of any shape. What matters is their location. Near your bed for example, or in your living room are good places.

Those objects and materials that attract and retain the right energies should be placed in specific places. Indeed, we choose to place them in places where they will often meet near us. In this way, one can benefit from their qualities and properties in a simple and effective way. Placing them at the entrance of your house is a good idea, as well as in central rooms such as the living room or bedroom.

10. Saffron to free his house from bad energy

Saffron, a good way to free your home from bad energy. Indeed, nothing like using saffron to get a healthier interior and in which a more positive energy reigns. Coming straight from Tibet, it has real negative anti-energy properties. It can, therefore, be used as often as necessary. You can make the technique more effective sprinkle some saffron at the entrance of your house.

home from bad energyIt is also possible to mix a little saffron with water and use this mixture through his house to get rid of negative energies. We pay attention to use only a little. Saffron is indeed an expensive spice!

And you, do you know of other ways to free your house from bad energy?

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