What 2018 could mean for your pub

The past year has sadly seen a decline in growth from pubs and other businesses, and it’s not a surprise. Amidst Brexit negotiations and other licensing mixups, it made for an interesting time for pub owners. With 2018 well underway, what changes, if any, will you see as a pub owner? What is happening to licensing? What are the challenges you might face? Here are the things you need to know.

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The Morning Advertiser had conducted a survey of its readers, and there are some things that are as negative as many have feared. Readers, 26% of them, have said that they would be forced to increase their prices in the wake of rises in business rates, and rising inflation. The fallout would affect customers, who are tightening the purse strings more and more in the face of an uncertain financial future.

The positive outlook

It’s not all doom and gloom, however. There lies a certain optimism around such changes. Nineteen percent of owners believe that their businesses would be able to weather the storm of oncoming price rises, but is this determination enough? 14% even predicted business growth this year. But how can that happen?

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Goals for 2018

With the rise in popularity of healthier eating styles, it’s important for pubs to rise to the challenge. Typically, pub grub is seen as fatty and with enormous portions. Veganism and vegetarian diets are skyrocketing amongst younger people, and businesses need to start responding to that.

When people have more money, they are inclined to pick healthier options. To cater for the existing, faithful pub-going people, pubs need to focus on their wine lists and making the quality of their current menus the highest calibre. People are less intimidated by the price of wines than beers and ciders, so this may be a good area to focus on. You can also save money for your pub’s post mix equipment here https://empireuk.com/post-mix-equipment/.

Despite the many challenges that pub owners face, there is always someone worse off, as the saying goes. Restaurants continue to have to meet the same food standards while also dealing with delivery options like Deliveroo. Supermarkets are also being hit with a CO2 shortage.

2018 may be a difficult year for pub owners, but those owners will definitely rise to the challenge through these uncertain times.

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