5 more reasons to use a timber frame building

Did you know timber framed buildings have been around since Neolithic times? Long houses dating from 6,000 BC are excellent examples of what a great material wood is for creating durable, long-lasting and beautiful homes. Timber framing remains one of the most flexible, hard wearing and straightforward ways to create a house that is warm, cosy and energy efficient.

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Timber is one of the oldest building materials in continuous use. That’s because it’s sustainable and environmentally friendly, with strict forest management in place to ensure that more timber is grown than is felled. New faster growing timbers are also in common use.

Timber is generally milled close to where it’s felled. That reduces carbon miles and helps to promote local economies. As long as we continue to plant more trees than we use, then timber is a renewable resource that can also be recycled after use.

Energy efficiency

Modern timber frame construction methods are designed to maximise energy efficiency. Timber houses have a better constructed energy envelope than conventionally built houses, which serves to prevent unnecessary heat loss.

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In turn, this helps to conserve resources and to drive down your heating bills. A properly constructed and insulated timber building will reduce your energy costs to a minimum – ask a timber frame construction company like http://www.qtfhomes.co.uk/ to show you their most energy efficient designs.

 Energy neutral

In fact, to produce timber as a building material actually produces more energy than it uses – for example, timber drying is time-consuming but low in energy. The energy used in timber production is based on renewable forms of energy and even utilises waste from the production process itself, like tree bark.

A flexible material

Light and versatile, timber for construction can be worked with relatively simple tools and basic skills. But that doesn’t mean you compromise on performance, with timber being available in many different textures, colours and with different qualities.

Low maintenance

Timber is one of the most durable building materials there is. Treat it well and it will last for generations to come. Timber is easy to maintain and ages beautifully or it can be stained or painted to match your style. Develop a low maintenance routine for your timber frame structure and you’ll stay on top of any potential problems and keep your property looking beautiful.

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