5 Tips for a good personal image for a corporate life

What matters is the interior and appearances do not matter” goes the saying, however many businesses are opened not from the appearance but rather from the personal image that one projects. And it is that personal image is not about external beauty but about how a person projects their interior properly, in the field of corporate life how an entrepreneur reflects the identity of his company.

How to offer products with high-quality standards if one wears worn clothes and has disheveled hair? In this situation, the customer will easily question the quality of the product.

The personal image that you transmit while conducting business relationships or business meetings will weigh heavily on the decisions that are to be made at the business level.

So the image of the entrepreneur is a reflection of the image of his company or his work itself, and you must remember that business is done with PEOPLE, not with COMPANIES. So are you reflecting a good image for a corporate life to your clients or your partners? How can you reflect an excellent personal image that projects the quality of your company and your services/products? If you still don’t know,

Here we write 5 Tips for a good personal image for corporate life.

1. Take care of your personal hygiene

personal hygiene

The area in which your business is located does not exempt you from taking care of your hygiene: you are an entrepreneur in the automotive or gastronomy field in the same way you must maintain good hygiene. Hair must look clean and well-groomed. Men, of course, should take care, if they wear it, the appearance of their beard.

  • To keep your teeth white, avoid drinking coffee. Also, avoid consuming foods with seasonings as they cause bad breath. In this regard, the specialist recommends a healthy diet with natural products, which contribute to the luminosity of your skin and a fit body.
  • Keep your nails clean and trimmed.
  • So you should also pay special attention to the care of your hands, a good manicure will help you look perfect.

Remember that your appearance speaks of you before your words and, in this sense … even the smallest detail is important!

2. Dress impeccably for your corporate life

Wardrobe Find the best wardrobe for every occasion. Clothing is a symbol of belonging to a corporate life(to a particular social or professional group) and of distinction (status). It should be borne in mind that the codes are not universal, as they vary depending on the time and geographical location. The important thing is to know how to dress appropriately for the occasion. If you do not know the codes: observe and/or ask.

For women, the basic thing is to have two wallets, a black one, and a good quality brown, that they can use now in about 5 years and will continue to be valid. Large in size because today’s women leave early and return home late, some flat valerians that match the wallet, a pair of comfortable boots, party shoes, a jewel that marks your style, be it a necklace, bracelet, or something that distinguishes you.

The recommended thing for a job interview is to wear a two-piece suit with neutral tones, perhaps a gray, green or beige, chocolate brown that looks good on everyone and makes us look more cheerful, accompanied by a shirt, a soft makeup together to not very flashy jewels, because here the important thing is that your professionalism highlights for the position you are applying for.

3. Combine colors

combile colors

Color has a lot of meaning in clothing because light tones make them look more cheerful, unlike dark ones, which are somewhat formal. Each person has colors that help bring out their complexion and eye color. In spring light colors go well and in winters some shades of gray or green, the interesting thing is to know which colors favor you and which ones do not. About dark tones: if for example, your skin color is brown, your dark clothes and the environment is something similar, it does not favor you and they may ask you if you are sick, instead a different color such as pink, red, yellow or light blue they help you feel more alive.

Age is a factor in choosing colors if you are over 50 and look better in pastel shades like salmon. On the other hand, the girls can dress in bright and more cheerful colors. In the office they all seem to be uniformed with sober colors, dark-toned garments can be combined with light ones, perhaps the portfolio in a bright color that gives more life to the outfit.

4. Non-verbal language

The body language and visual image that you offer not only reinforces personal security, it also fosters social acceptance and a priori trust.

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Smile, it’s the best way to project a positive image to others, and it doesn’t cost much, try to have small details like these with others.

On the other hand, a characteristic of successful leaders is that they have a knack for making eye contact with the people they are addressing. Practice looking at a fixed point, so that in an interview or other types of meetings you fix that point in the eyes of other people.

The body movements that you are going to adopt must be following the message you are trying to convey.

It is important from the way you stand, walk and move your arms. Look what the other person’s arms do when you talk to them if their arms are crossed it expresses boredom, if they are folded in the back it indicates interest.

5. Be punctual for corporate life

be punctual

Punctuality is considered in many societies as the virtue coordinated by one or more people to arrive on time to a required activity within an agreed period.

In all areas, punctuality is very important for corporate life, many times it depends on it to reflect seriousness and responsibility with the commitments, which contributes to closing deals. On the contrary, an unpunctual person or entrepreneur projects irresponsibility, and breach of their commitments.


Here we try to share the most common 5 golden keys for your corporate life to make a personal image, we hope now you know how to prepare yourself for a multinational company or your international business for a corporate world.

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