5 Tips for you to have a perfect baby shower

Organizing a perfect baby shower or gift party for the baby is the perfect excuse to share the joy of pregnancy with family, friends, and people close to you.

This tradition, coming from the United States, has become very fashionable in recent years, especially because of the “boom” that many Hollywood celebrities have given it.

In Latin American countries they have been celebrated for several decades; However, due to its theme, many people around the world have been interested in knowing how it is done.

In these parties the protagonists are the future parents and, of course, the baby. The main objective is to collect all the necessary accessories for the birth and the first months of life.

How to plan a perfect baby shower? What must be considered? So that you do not stop enjoying this experience, we share a series of recommendations.

Who should organize the perfect baby shower?

perfect baby shower

The tradition says that the organization of the baby shower must be in charge of someone close to the mother without being family; However, today a sister, godmother or anyone interested can do it.

In fact, sometimes the future mother is the one who takes care of everything. While the ideal is that someone creates the environment for the mother, she can also do so as a reason for celebration.

One of the favorite options is the union of the mother with the organizer; thus, with the ideas of both, you can make the event with more personal tastes.

Best time to make the perfect baby shower

The celebration of the baby shower is usually celebrated a little before the birth of the baby. Although it can be carried out at any stage of pregnancy, it is more fun towards the end of it.

Most prefer to do it when the mother is between the seventh or eighth month of gestation. It is not convenient to do it in the last days to avoid situations of stress.

Before choosing a date it is good to check the availability of the guests, especially if the family is too large. The best thing is that they can all meet without problems.

Tips for organizing a perfect baby shower

There are many agencies that specialize in these types of events. However, in order not to lose the tradition and make the moment more special, it is best to organize it at home.

Currently, there are many ideas to make a perfect baby shower without spending too much. While many like to “throw the house out the window”, the minimalist is the trend.

1. Make a guest list

perfect baby shower

One of the first steps to planning a baby shower is to make a complete list of guests. With this, you can make an estimate of the things that are required for the celebration.

It is important to consider who really wants to share the joy of the future mother; The list may include family members, close friends, and co-workers.

2. Hand out invitation cards

There is an infinity of ideas to make the invitation cards for the baby shower. You can take into account the sex of the baby to choose the colors and designs of them.

The ideal is to send them two weeks in advance so that the guests can put it on their agenda. You needs to know what you carry in your suitcase on the day of delivery.

3. Decoration

perfect baby shower

Baby showers are parties with children’s themes. For this reason, it is convenient to choose a decoration according to it. In the market, there are many party decoration packages that are specially designed for this type of event.

When buying them it is good to take into account the colors and patterns. Any ideas:

  • Balloons and streamers
  • Signature book for guests
  • bouquets
  • Tablecloths in pastels
  • Baby bottles and diapers
  • Reminders or thank you gifts

4. Food

Undoubtedly, food is one of the most important and worrying aspects when preparing a baby shower. While it is not necessary to make a big banquet, it is good to prepare several options.

  • Snacks and snacks
  • Fruit skewers or sausages
  • Strawberries and chocolate fountain
  • Tangerine covered with chocolate
  • Fruit smoothies
  • Ham and cheese sandwiches
  • Gelatin dessert

perfect baby shower


The sweets should not be missing in any baby shower. Although there will be one other person who wants to avoid them, others will be fascinated.

Some options:

  • Cupcakes or cake pops
  • Sweet popcorn
  • Chocolates and sweets
  • Chocolate cake
  • Cookies of different designs


In general, non-alcoholic cocktails will be prepared by combining various fruits and flavors. There are many ideas for making these drinks at home without having to invest too much money.

A good idea is to put the cocktails and soft drinks in bottles so that the moment of consumption is fun for everyone. Keep reading Look Slimmer | 9 tips for getting dressed to look slimmer.

5. Games

Last but not least, it is good to prepare some games to liven up the celebration. In this way, the guests are united and a very pleasant moment is lived.

The traditional games are:

  • Guess mom’s waist
  • Put the diaper on the baby
  • Guess who the baby is
  • Bottle feeding competition
  • Forbidden to say, baby!

The decoration and development of the baby shower can be adapted to the tastes of each one; the essential thing is to keep in mind that it is important to make the mom feel very comfortable.

The gifts are paid by the guests, although some prefer to make “diaper rains” or toiletries.

Are you the hostess of a baby shower? Follow these tips and enjoy a great time.

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