6 Amazing tips how to prevent oily hair you need to know

6 Tricks for not having oily hair

Having greasy hair is a problem that most of us face one day or another: and yet it is not very pleasant! It is, however, possible to fight against oily hair in several ways. And these tricks do not involve ruining themselves in miracle products or practicing complicated rituals! Simple, natural and effective, follow our tips to stop suffering from greasy hair one day after each shampoo!

In addition, it is important to take into account that we all have a different type of hair, which grease more or less quickly. So apply these tips while taking into account the nature of your hair: Curly hair grease much less quickly than fine and smooth hair, for example. Similarly, we can not apply the same products depending on the texture and nature of this hair. Do not panic, here are our 6 tips for not having oily hair!

1. Only use conditioner on spikes

To not have oily hair, it’s important to know when and how to apply the conditioner. Indeed, the conditioner nourishes your hair and protects it after the washing has deprived them of their natural oils. But like any product that feeds them, the conditioner can over-feed them and make them fat. It is therefore important to choose a conditioner adapted to its hair nature: thin, thick, curly, smooth, quickly regressing, etc.6 Amazing tips how to prevent oily hair you need to knowOnce that is done, comes the problem of applying the product. Indeed, if you have hair that tends to regress quickly, the worst thing to do would be to apply the product at the roots, where the sebum (responsible for the effect “fat” but also shine of your hair) is secreted. What has to be done? Apply the product only at the tips, the driest part of our hair and that really needs to be nourished.

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2. The benefits of talc

To avoid greasy hair, talc can also be used. Talcum, if you put some on its roots, absorbs excess oil and prevents your hair from getting fat too quickly. Care is taken to apply small amounts so that it is not visible, and remove the excess by vigorously brushing the hair at the root level. They should even regain volume.6 Amazing tips how to prevent oily hair you need to knowBe careful that there are no small white particles in your hair: it would not be very glamorous! If you have dark hair and it is impossible for you to hide the color of the talc, you can mix it with some dark tanning makeup powder. Your hair will thank you. Talc is one of the best easy ways to not have oily hair!

3. The dry shampoo

The purpose of dry shampoo? Fight greasy hair on days when you do not have the time or the strength to wash them! When you are in a hurry or you have to go to a party, we are happy to be able to use it! You can buy it in any supermarket: choose the brand and scent that suits you best. Generally, they are not very expensive and you can keep a spray in your pocket to troubleshoot on any occasion!

It is sprayed at the roots, we wait a few minutes (depending on the brand, but it will be indicated on the packaging) then brush his hair upside down preferably to regain maximum volume … And bam, the turn is play! Your hair is bigger and lighter at the same time, it does not look greasy, it has shine and gives off pleasant scents. Nothing more efficient or simpler! In addition, by allowing you to space the time between your real shampoos, dry shampoo will allow you to lose this fat effect in the long run!

4. Wash them less often

There is a tendency to believe that people with greasy hair are the ones who wash them the least. And yet, that is far from the case. We often have oily hair because we wash our hair too often and not the other way around. It may seem hard to believe, but it is the truth. The explanation behind all this? Well, she’s hiding behind the role sebum has for our hair.6 Amazing tips how to prevent oily hair you need to knowSebum acts as a protective layer for our hair. When washing your hair, you remove some of this protective layer, which can be perceived as an attack on our hair and scalp. Not enough space for shampoos, therefore, has the undesirable effect of making our hair feel assaulted and producing more sebum to protect itself: hence the fact that washing hair too often makes our hair fatter.

5. Know how to brush them

Do not brush your hair often enough to prevent the oils from spreading properly in our hair. Indeed, when we brush her hair, we divide the oils that accumulate at the roots to the rest of our hair. Not brushing them properly prevents the hair from spreading the sebum well and makes the roots look fatter. To avoid this, we brush the hair once or twice a day from roots to ends.6 Amazing tips how to prevent oily hair you need to knowIf on the contrary, we have naturally curly hair, we do not brush the hair especially when they are dry! We always wait for the moment after the shower when they are wet but not soaked to brush them: otherwise they curl and become totally uncontrollable! And we’re lucky: curly hair greases much less quickly. They need more hydration than smooth hair. We take care not to dry them too much, and we only brush them after the shower!

6. Choose your products

If hair products are designated for a specific type of hair, it’s not for nothing. The components are different depending on the type of hair of the person concerned. What do we do? We read the label, and we think about what our hair really needs. Do your hair grease quickly? Are your lips dry? Are they rather naturally bright or dull? The choice of the product is indeed essential.6 Amazing tips how to prevent oily hair you need to knowFinally, we avoid bad products for your hair contained in some mass-market products. Among them are parabens, sulfates or other harmful chemicals. We take care to avoid them because they weigh down the hair, tarnish it and can even make it fatter or make it fall! For beautiful hair without effort, nothing like natural products and respectful of your hair and your body.

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