Stop Snoring Tips | 6 Simple solutions to stop snoring

6 Effective tips to stop snoring

We try to help through this article how to stop snoring for your better sleep. Snoring (also called ronchopathy in health care) can be very disabling: not necessarily for those who have it, but rather for those around them. The origin of snoring comes from the passage of air between the uvula (more often called uvula) and the soft tissues of the palate. The resulting noises can quickly become unbearable for everyone in the vicinity of the snorer. Even though some people may feel reassured to hear their spouses snoring, this is not the case for everyone … quite the opposite.

Disruption of sleep, nervousness … did you know that some snorers can reach 95 decibels, the equivalent of the noise of a truck that would pass by us)? If you are snoring, you have to realize that this can be very disabling for the everyday life of those around you. And know that this has already led some couples to divorce.

In appearance, snoring cannot be controlled, but some techniques and tips can help avoid snoring. Discover 8 tips to avoid snoring, and do not hesitate to share them, for the good of all!

1. Improve your lifestyleStop Snoring Tips | 6 Simple solutions to stop snoring

Improving one’s lifestyle is the first step to stop snoring in the long run.  A healthy lifestyle is mainly through a complete and varied diet, but not only. Of course, pay attention to the excesses. First, avoid drinking alcohol, especially in the evening before going to bed, you will minimize the risk of snoring. Indeed, alcohol (as tranquilizers) are not recommended before going to bed because they tend to cause relaxation of the soft tissue of the throat (uvula, soft palate) which then vibrate more easily to the passage of the ‘air. Which makes noise and creates snoring. Relax but not too much.

Likewise, stopping smoking can help you stop snoring. Tobacco promotes inflammations of the mucous membranes of the throat and nose, preventing the good flow of air to the pharynx.

Weight loss can also be an ally. People who are overweight or who suffer from obesity are usually bigger snorers than others. So to stop snoring but also for more vitality and better fitness, watch your weight.

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2. Improve your sleep patternStop Snoring Tips | 6 Simple solutions to stop snoring

If you take care of your lifestyle and in addition to that, you pay attention to your sleep pattern, you can stop snoring. Although fatigue is not the main factor of snoring, it is an element that, combined with others such as alcohol, tobacco, and overweight can play on snoring. Try to go to bed usually at the same time and sleep at least 7 hours a night and see if it affects your snoring or that of your spouse.

3. Unclog your noseStop Snoring Tips | 6 Simple solutions to stop snoring

This may surprise you, but be aware that having a stuffy nose is not responsible for snoring, or very little. This is an additional factor that can indeed increase snoring, but that is not the cause. So why do we feel like snoring more when we have a stuffy nose? The explanation is very simple: since the nose is clogged, the air is forced to pass through the mouth and therefore increases the snoring.

To avoid these snores and when you have a stuffy nose, we recommend the above brand product Quiets, a nasal spray that makes breathing easier (for 12 weeks of use). It is a medical device designed to lubricate the nasal passages and improve the passage of air. By promoting nasal breathing and avoiding noisy mouth breathing, this spray provides a feeling of fuller breathing and less snoring.

4. Do not sleep on your backStop Snoring Tips | 6 Simple solutions to stop snoring

Sleeping on the back tends to reduce the opening of the pharynx. The passage through which the air can access your lungs then becomes narrower, which can create sound vibrations of greater or lesser importance. By taking a lying position on the back, your tongue will also tend to go backward which will reduce the passage of air, which can create more vibrations of the uvula and tissue of the palate, a hissing.

Grandmother’s tip: to prevent them from getting back on their backs while they sleep, some people sew a tennis ball in the back of their pajamas! But nothing prevents you from sewing this ball in your spouse’s pajamas.

5. Objects & Products to stop snoring

For each type of snorer, there is a solution … it is necessary (just) to find which one.

Oral sprays:

Oral sprays are easy and fast to use before going to bed. A “pschittt” in the back of the mouth before bed can be enough for small and medium snorers. We recommend the anti-snoring spray Quies (above) since it acts directly on the causes of snoring. Its formula lubricates the soft palate to facilitate the passage of air and avoid vibrations. The assets maintain good moisture in the throat all night long. One bottle corresponds to one month of use.

Nasal device

Snore Stoppers is a device to place in the nose, which has the effect of expanding the nasal passages and maximizes the flow of air through the nose. The soft palate deep in your throat stops vibrating, instantly eliminating snoring. An effective device but that may not be suitable for everyone (not everyone will enjoy putting this device in the nose, even if it is comfortable.

Mouth gutters

Mouth gutters can prevent snoring by keeping the lower jaw slightly forward allowing better air circulation and preventing the vibrations that cause snoring.

Anti-snoring headbands

The anti-snoring strips are designed to eliminate snoring while allowing the user to sleep in his natural sleep position. People snoring by the mouth inspire by the latter, thus vibrating the veil of the palace. The Chinstrap Original keeps your mouth closed by supporting your jaw in a comfortable and stable position. In this way, you will breathe through the nose and instantly eliminate snoring.

6.Consult an ENT (Otorhinolaryngology)Stop Snoring Tips | 6 Simple solutions to stop snoring

Snoring can become a real hell! If you have tested all the previous solutions but still you continue to snore, there is one ultimate solution, but also probably the most serious: go see an ENT. The doctor can give you exercises to perform, but he could also suggest you have surgery.

The tests performed by ENTs can go a long way, of course, by performing a throat and nose exam, but they can also try to determine if you have sleep apnea and so on.

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