How to walking heels | 7 Amazing tips for learning to walk in high heels

7 Tricks for learning to walking heels

To learn how to walking heels, you have to start. So we put on his favorite pair and we start with not too high heels if we want to avoid getting hurt. Once we master the march in medium heels, we can try the platforms and heels higher. Mastering the perfect step can be complicated, but we’ve found 7 tips that should really help you!

Since the heels are the allies of our femininity and dress our look like no other accessory, it can be useful to learn to know how to walk with the most effective so as not to fall or to display a step that is not very elegant! Follow our advice, some of which are transmitted by the models from generation to generation (after all, their job is above all to walk well in heels!) To attract all eyes!

1. Place the heel before the tip

For a step worthy of a mannequin, we always pay attention to put the heel well before the tip. In this way your approach will be more natural and elegant. When you wear flat shoes, you put the whole foot on the ground at once. If one does this in heels, the approach seems unnatural and heavy. We therefore pay attention to the position of his feet. Practice at home in your hallway for example, before wearing your pair of heels outside.How to walking heels | 7 Amazing tips for learning to walk in high heelsOnce you master this technique (it may take a little time but the hand is not lost once it is grabbed), you should be able to have a real step of queen in heels! Nothing to boost your self-confidence, reveal the shape of your legs and hips. We walk with our heads up, go!

2. Take small steps

Since you do not want to hurt yourself, we advise you to take small steps to walking heels. Bigger steps would be uncomfortable for you but also not very elegant and unnatural. We are therefore careful to take precautions and take small steps. Also, avoid wearing heels when you are in a hurry: you can not expect to walk at the same speed perched on 8 cm heels as sneakers!How to walking heels | 7 Amazing tips for learning to walk in high heelsBe careful not to fall if you are a beginner, and practice at home when you have the opportunity (trying not to break your neighbors’ heads with the noise) to feel as confident as possible when you go out in the street. And little trick: we always keep a pair of ballerinas in his bag just in case! In an emergency situation (or simply if you have sore feet) it is important to be able to wear comfortable and practical shoes!

3. Do not go too fast

As for the previous tip, we pay attention to choose the right time to wear heels. If you have to go fast, wear more suitable shoes. Indeed, walking very quickly in the heel can make you look rather strange, since walking will be more difficult for you. Moreover, the faster you go, the more you increase your chances of stumbling. So we take our time, we go slowly.

Similarly, we take care not to increase the height of the heels too quickly! If you have never walked in heels, start with 5cm, 8cm before climbing to the highest heels of 10, 12 or even 15cm. It’s about going step by step in order to make habits and not to get stuck by stumbling! To want to go too fast, you risk to twist your ankle! It’s not super glamorous, and it really hurts!

4. Walking in a straight line

A secret dummy to walking heels? Follow a straight line. When you walk in flat shoes, you do not pay attention to where you place your feet: you have more surface to put them and therefore less likely to fall. To walk in heels however, it is necessary to pay attention to where one places one’s feet. Following a straight line is one of the best tips we can give you.How to walking heels | 7 Amazing tips for learning to walk in high heelsWe put one foot in front of the other, as if we were following a line under our feet. This allows us to keep a certain balance, but also to have a much more feminine and elegant approach. If we do not do that, we can look a little unbalanced and not necessarily very classy. So we pay attention, and we follow (like the famous parade models) the trick of the straight line!

5. Lean back slightly

To walking heels, it is sometimes necessary to lean back slightly. Indeed, because you can not walk as fast in heels as you do in flat shoes, you may have the tendency to advance your neck and face to compensate. This may look unattractive, but also cause problems in the neck and back, which we want to avoid of course!How to walking heels | 7 Amazing tips for learning to walk in high heelsSo our solution? Be careful to lean slightly (even slightly) back when walking in heels to avoid this side effect. You will look more elegant, and you will walk in a more natural and quiet way. Attention, we always make sure to look where we put the feet to avoid holes and other irregularities in the ground that would make you stumble and fall! We want to be beautiful, but not at any price!

6. Choose your pair of heels

To walk well with heels, it is important to choose your shoes. Indeed, all the heels are not equal and some tend to be much more comfortable than others? What tends to hurt when walking heels? The position our foot takes, and the fact that our muscles are systematically contracted. How to cure it? Nothing more simple, we try to prefer platform shoes, more comfortable than classic pumps if you want to wear high heels all day (or the whole evening).How to walking heels | 7 Amazing tips for learning to walk in high heelsWe are also very careful to take shoes that fit us, they should not be too big or too small so that your foot is not tight and it does not rub inside either. Walk with the heels in store to show you the difficulty or ease you have to walk with this pair. The important thing is also to feel good in his sneakers (or here in his shoes!).

7. Lightly arch the foot

When walking with heels, arching your foot slightly may be helpful so you do not feel too much pressure at the tip and middle of your foot. If you feel that you are sliding, especially, be careful to arch your foot to get more control over your shoe and therefore your gait. Walking heels can sometimes require real maneuvering efforts and we advise you to be careful and arch your foot well to avoid falling!

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