Cashew Butter-7 Amazing Health Benefits Cashew Butter

Cashew Butter 7 Health Benefits

We said it once and we’ll say it again: cashews are a lifesaver. They are packed with impressive nutrients and are so delicious in all their forms that they have literally become our favorite nuts for home remedies. We have already detailed 12 cashew health services. So today we will be focusing specifically on the health benefits that cashew nut butter has. Aside from the fact that it is one of the creamiest spills you could ever enjoy. You will soon discover 7 incredible health benefits of cashew butter that you probably do not know until now. Check them out and reconsider your choice of butter. Next time you fancy a sandwich, a quick snack or even a home-cooked meal!

1. Delicious and nutritious

Cashew Butter-7 Amazing Health Benefits Cashew ButterAs we have said, this type of butter is incredibly delicious and almost everyone who has tried has not regretted it. It has a unique creamy texture and very rich nutty taste, it is made from. Few people know that cashew nut butter contains very high levels of nutrients that allow you to stay healthy and eat at the same time. This type of butter is high in a wide range of proteins, vitamins and unsaturated fats. Which are known to build both your immune system and you’re nervous, maintain cell health and increase muscle mass.

It also contains a lot of essential amino acids and has proven to work wonders for individuals on a high protein and low carbohydrate content. Even more, butter made from unsalted cashews contains no sodium and no cholesterol. To top it all off, cashew nut butter is loaded with phosphorus, copper, iron, and magnesium. Which currently has wonderful health benefits both independently and in various types of foods combined. Cashew nut butter also contains half as much sugar as peanut butter and significantly fewer additives. Unlike many other types of nuts and butter, cashew nut butter contains a lot less fat. (1 tablespoon = 94 calories).

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2. Raw Beats roast!

Cashew Butter-7 Amazing Health Benefits Cashew ButterEven though cashew nut butter is all about health in both raw and roasted varieties. Few specialists recommend the old choice. It is said that raw cashew nut butter contains higher levels of nutrients and is, therefore, more friendly to your body. Iron is essential for your well being, as it maintains a healthy circulation and helps the transmission of oxygen to your body tissues. A lack of iron can lead to fatigue, weakness and even anemia.

The good news is that raw cashew butter contains more iron than its roasted variety, 1.9 milligrams in an ounce instead of just 1.7 milligrams in the same amount of roasted cashews. In addition, studies show that raw cashew nut butter also has higher levels of selenium than one roast. Selenium is also essential for the human body because it prevents the cell membrane and DNA damage from free radicals and has even proven to work in the fight against cancer. One ounce of raw cashew nuts contains 5.6 micrograms of selenium, so roasted cashews only have 3.3 micrograms. Nevertheless, important sources such as Harvard Medical School’s state that any form of cashew nut butter will make a big impact on your diet, protecting your heart and preventing cardiovascular disease.

3. From your heart

Cashew Butter-7 Amazing Health Benefits Cashew ButterYou have a lot of duty to your heart to keep you happy, healthy, and basically alive, for that matter. So why not deal with the amazing foods that protect it from harm? This is exactly why you need to take more interest in adding cashew butter to your diet. High levels of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat in cashew nut butter have proven to lower cholesterol levels and visibly reduce the risk of developing heart disease. The high amount of magnesium in cashew butter also gives love to your ticker. Because it helps to maintain normal heartbeat and blood pressure levels, by building up the strength of your bones. In addition, cashew butter has been shown to be a great soldier to ward off diabetes. Because it helps control blood sugar levels.

If you consume cashew butter, it is very likely that you will not end up developing type 2 diabetes. Iowa’s Women’s Health Study conducted a research on the impact of butter consumption from nuts on the general shelf life. The study showed that the risk of death from cardiovascular-related diseases decreased by 11% by consuming walnut butter once a week. If you want even better results, eat some cashew nut butter between 1-4 times a week. And you’ll be able to reduce the risk of dying of heart disease by as much as 19%.

4. Be Gone, gallstones!

Oh boy, gallstones can become mean. Scientifically speaking, choleliths or gallstones are stones (stones) that form “within the gallbladder as a concretion of biliary components”. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation. It means that you could experience severe abdominal pain, high temperatures, an increase in your heart rate, itchy skin and even a change in color in the whites of the eyes and your skin.

It sounds horrible, we know it. But that’s the reason we want to present cashew butter as a superhero to fight off gallstones. A study conducted by health nurses over a period of 20 years on 80,000 women has the evidence to reinforce this argument. The findings prove that women who eat at least one ounce of nuts have a significantly lower risk of being affected by gallstones, an incredible 25%. An ounce is basically nothing, weighing about 2 tablespoons of cashew butter. So you can easily incorporate it into your diet on a daily basis.

5. Prevent weight gain

Cashew Butter-7 Amazing Health Benefits Cashew ButterWhoever thought there is such an amazing superfood out there that actually helps to lose weight instead of winning? Yes, you have heard us right; Cashew butter can literally prevent weight gain for a few reasons, all supported by research. In general, many individuals tend to turn away from nuts, as they are a key factor in weight gain. Myth broke! A serious study, like the one published in the “Obesity” Journal, prove that if you consume cashews in any form at least twice a week. You are more likely to avoid gaining weight than if you do not do not consume. In addition, specialists reported that more than 5 kg bagatelle can be avoided if you frequently consume cashew nuts or, implicitly, butter made from nuts. This equates to an incredible 11 pounds. Can you imagine that?

6. Healthy fats!

Yes, healthy fats exist! Although nuts are known to be very fattening, cashews contain less fat than most other types of nuts. In addition, the fats that cashew butter actually contains are healthy fats. An incredible 82% of fats that contain cashews are unsaturated (also known as healthy fats). This allows cashew butter to maintain the super smooth taste it is renowned for while remaining completely harmless to your body. Cashew butter has also been compared to olive oil, as about 66% of unsaturated fats are monounsaturated in both.

This amount of unsaturated fat is proven to be optimal for low-fat diets, as they lower the high levels of triglycerides. This brings us back to the pro-heart properties of cashew butter possesses, as healthy triglyceride levels can help prevent heart disease and diabetes. The American Heart Association supports this argument, as members recommend unsaturated fats as an alternative for saturated fats to maintain normal cholesterol levels.

7. Your New Favorite Peanut Butter Alternative

Cashew Butter-7 Amazing Health Benefits Cashew ButterSo you say you’re head-over-heels in love with peanut butter. You like to make PBJ sandwiches for both you and your family. You will enjoy spreading on cookies to add extra flavor and you sometimes take a spoonful just for a quick treat. It’s a bit difficult for the average American to image their life without peanut butter. But rest assured that we have a healthy alternative perfect for you. Cashew nut butter has thousands of thousands of more benefits than peanut butter, even prove to have a richer taste! We have retained our best benefits in the peanut butter vs cashew nut battle and detail them in an earlier article. But we will soon be talking about a few here.

In a word (no pun intended), peanut butter is made only of roasted peanuts (while cashew butter can be made from two raw and roasted nuts). It also contains dextrose, sweeteners, salt and hydrogenated vegetable oils, while cashew nut butter is fully unprocessed. Even though peanut butter may seem a lot more affordable than cashew nut butter. Because you can find it at practically every supermarket. You should know that you can make cashew nut butter at home. It does not take up much of your time and we guarantee that the personal satisfaction of a do-it-yourself job is incomparable.


Now that you know the health benefits of cashew butter, we are sure you can not wait to try it. Give it a go and let us know how the short or long term experience is for you in the comment section below. Enjoying stays healthy!


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