7 reasons not to wear makeup

7 good causes not to wear makeup

Wear makeup every day has become a social norm for most women. So much so that some of us dare not go out of their homes without being perfectly made-up, for fear of meeting someone who would judge them, would not find them well-dressed or even less beautiful in the natural world. However, makeup should be a pleasure and not a duty due to the rest of society. However, not putting on makeup is a right, and it should be celebrated.

In recent times, a “no makeup” movement has emerged and spread to some stars like Alicia Keys who have dared to tread the red carpet without a single ounce of makeup on her face. For women judged by the entire planet, it is a true act of bravery that is applauded. So if you also want to start not to wear makeup and feel good about yourself. We found 7 good reasons that should convince you.

1. To save time

The thing that often makes us waste time in the morning before going to work or in class? The time we spend in front of the ice, to wear makeup. Indeed, we often used to waste time applying various make-up products in the morning when we just woke up, to remove them when we miss the line of eyeliner, to start again . We waste time and it can quickly become tiring!7 reasons not to wear makeupNot putting on makeup in the morning can save us a lot of time that we could use to something more enjoyable and useful like talking with family, taking time to enjoy breakfast or just sleeping a few more minutes! You can even devote this time to activities you have not tried before, such as yoga or even meditation!

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2. For your pores

Makeup tends to clog your pores, which increases the production of sebum in your skin and tends to create blackheads and pimples. Oxygen is more difficult to pass through our pores blocked by makeup: our skin is less beautiful and less healthy. The solution? Quite simply, do not apply makeup! But we know that it can be difficult initially, especially if you have clogged pores through excessive use of foundation and concealer.7 reasons not to wear makeupOur solution? Have a routine for the skin of thunder! We advise you to use masks and scrubs to clean your skin thoroughly and apply a good moisturizer so that it regains its softness. By breathing, by being in direct contact with the air, your skin will be better and your imperfections will diminish by themselves. You will feel more beautiful naturally.

3. To learn to love yourself naturally

When makeup every day, we can tend to have a “shock” by removing makeup at night. Indeed, we get used to being made up more often than natural, which can lower our self-esteem when we do not wear makeup. Getting used to being cleansed every day can help us regain some confidence in ourselves by allowing us to reconnect with our skin and our natural face.7 reasons not to wear makeupInitially, facing the eyes of others without makeup may seem difficult. But over time, you’ll quickly realize that most people around you do not notice the change, or that it does not bother them! We often tend to believe that others judge us, whereas they are actually busy thinking about their own complexes and not scrutinizing ours. So we dare say yes to “no makeup”! Promised, you will not regret it!

4. To save

Yes, makeup is not free. The average woman spends lots of money a year in cosmetics! If you stopped putting on make-up, that money could go to other activities. The biggest makeup buyers spend an average of 600 us dollar per year on products! Likewise, if you are a part of it, think of all that you could offer with this money. Which could be useful to you or allow you to have fun!7 reasons not to wear makeupTo see how much money, you spend on makeup, grab your makeup bag and count it out. It is likely that you will be amazed at the amounts you could spend on makeup! And honestly, there are so many nicer things in which to put your money like going out to movies or museums, in short, having fun!

5. For healthier skin

If you stop putting on make-up, you will soon realize that your skin is healthier. When you do not cover it with foundation, powder, concealer, illuminator, and blush all day long. With his skin, we apply a single rule “less is more” in English, or “to do less is to do more”! Your skin likes to be free and quiet, the less you touch, the better it is!7 reasons not to wear makeupDo not put on makeup can, therefore, solve a lot of the problems of your skin and make it naturally more beautiful and radiant. Not putting on makeup will not make you “less beautiful” as you might think, but even more radiant. And being beautiful without makeup has a certain charm, which shows that you trust in all circumstances! You will feel beautiful and confident, what’s better?

6. To cure pimples naturally

To cure its pimples naturally, nothing like stopping to wear makeup. Indeed, our first reflex when you have a button, instead of seeking to heal naturally, tends to be the cover of corrector and powder to hide it. Result: it is invisible during the day. But when we remove the makeup it is more present than ever that pushes us even more not to want to remove makeup!7 reasons not to wear makeupWe can, therefore, understand that makeup can quickly become a vicious circle from which it is difficult or impossible to escape. The more we wear makeup, the more buttons we have and the more buttons we have … the more. We wear makeup! Giving your skin time to live and breathe without being hindered by makeup can end this vicious cycle and allow you to feel better about yourself. Which will have positive effects on all areas of your life and even on your loved ones!

7. Because it’s fashionable

Have you heard about the recent fashion of “no makeup”? On Instagram, on television and on the red carpets, the stars are unveiled naturally and without makeup. We realize that these women who are thought to be perfect in the spotlight. Actually have flaws and complexes like all of us. Their skin is not necessarily perfect when they remove their makeup, their face not so perfect without contouring …


7 reasons not to wear makeupHowever, they who are judged by the world dare to celebrate natural beauty. And for good reason, natural beauty deserves to be celebrated! To dare to take the plunge, we advise you to follow accounts promoting the “no makeup” on Instagram, or celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Demi Lovato, Amanda Seyfried, Cindy Crawford or Gwyneth Paltrow. Who dare to celebrate their beauty without makeup on Internet!

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