7 techniques to relaunch your website successfully

We write this article for you how to relaunch your website or blog. You started creating a great website, and you did well! Only in life, everything does not always happen as planned. You expected to know the glory, but instead, you only collected the clicks of your loved ones. Taken of despair, you became discouraged and left your masterpiece web 2.0 abandoned …

Come on! We get back together! Whether you have a portfolio, an online store, a blog or others, if your site does not work, there is a reason. The Internet is not an exact science but when you play by the rules of the game, it always pays. You may have missed something that is simple and yet essential to relaunch your website…

  • Set goals
  • Focus on a target market
  • Have a marketing plan
  • Think about the navigation experience (UX)
  • Content, nothing but content!
  • The physical, it matters!
  • The motivation

So what to do to revive the machine? What are the common mistakes that can lead to failure? How to cure it? Hello, doctor, my site is bad. Here is the remedy for relaunch your website!

7 Useful tips to relaunch your website successfully

01. Set goals

Who am I, where am I going? These questions are also relevant for a website. Before you embark on the great adventure, ask yourself what is the function of your site? Would you like to have a simple showcase for your brand, sell online or expand your fan community? Depending on this, you will determine the features you need.

relaunch your website

Because remember, your site is not an end in itself, it’s away! It is there to meet the needs of your customers. Give them reasons to visit your site and make sure to provide solutions. To carry out your boat, the first thing is to know where you are going and how to relaunch your website successfully.

02. Focus on a target market

In the family of “preparations before I start”, I ask “ the target market”! It’s not enough to know what your goals are; you also need to know who you’re talking to. Is your target young? Do you have to do to pros or the general public? By answering these specific questions, you can refine your strategy. That is to say, choose a suitable tone, a visual identity in agreement with your community, a relevant design, and many other things.

relaunch your website

Why is it so important? Online, you do not have a sales representative who will address your customers and prospects personally. So when they visit your website, your visitors should feel that it has been designed for them (not for the whole planet). Only in this way will they feel confident and you will have their full attention to tell them about your offer.

03. Have a marketing plan

You have defined “what” and “to whom”, remains to know “how”? Your marketing plan is the way you will talk about your website to the world. Do not miss this step, it is crucial. What good is it to go to so much trouble if no one is there to admire your efforts. Fortunately, there are not the choices that are lacking: online advertising, social networks, email marketing campaign, inbound marketing, influencer, outreach … the list is long.

relaunch your website

You can do everything, or choose only certain techniques, but what you need is a plan! Again, it depends on your goals and your audience. Make yourself a well-established program over time and do not forget to measure your results so you can improve over time.

04. Think about the navigation experience (UX)

Enough about you, it’s time to focus on your visitors. Everything on your website should be thought of for them. Structure your pages so that they find the information quickly and instinctively. Internet users hate to look for it, moreover they do not do it if the data are not in front of their eyes, they leave the place immediately. The text, the images, the menus, everything must be fluid and harmonious. You do not know how to do it? We detail all these points in our article on how to improve the UX of your site.

relaunch your website

In the same way, the success of your site depends a lot on your CTAs. These are your call to action buttons, those that tell your visitors what they need to do: buy, register, or download. To be effective, they must be clear, concise and well positioned. Every element of your site, both design and content, must lead your visitors to click on this button. That’s what will determine your conversion rate, so you understand why you have to take the utmost care. Once again, we will not let you go to yourself since we have an article on that too.

05. Content, nothing but content!

Bet on quality! To see your traffic increase day by day, there is no secret, you must offer your visitors interesting content. First, think about what visitors really want to see on your website. Then, compliment it with all kinds of relevant information. This can be tutorials, customer testimonials or an FAQ for example.

relaunch your website

Special mention for the blog: giving good advice to users allows you to position yourself as an expert in your field and it is a great way to improve your SEO. Another very engaging content to add to your site is the video. It is captivating in nature and encourages your visitors to stay longer on your site.

Result: a better ranking on the search engines, you will be wrong to deprive yourself!

Second important point: update your site regularly. When you click publish, know that the job is just beginning. You must evolve your site at the same time as your business. A new collection? Are we talking about you in the press? A change of design? Add it to your site. You can imagine if a customer is trying to contact you and he can only find information from last year, it could be very bad. Everything is going fast on the Web, the Net surfers only want fresh news. It takes a visitor to lose and the lack of regularity does not forgive!

06. The physical, it matters!

You may have been told all your life the opposite, but on the Net, the rules are different. To stand out in the crowd, you must impress. Captivate your visitors at the first glance. Colors, fonts, images, everything must be worked to give a neat and professional appearance. Create a visual identity and stick to it all the way.

07. The motivation

relaunch your website

If you regularly follow our blog, you know our leitmotiv: do things with your heart. When we have a project that we are passionate about and believe in until the end, that really makes the difference. You think nobody notices it? Believe us, even though a screen, these are things that feel. So we find the energy of the beginnings and we get back to work! With all these good tips, you will not have a hard time conquering the web planet.

Conclusion on relaunch your website

Relaunching your website can sometimes seem too complicated, difficult or frustrating, but the joy of seeing it reborn from the ashes and redeveloping itself after months of inactivity is pure bliss and it’s well worth it.

It may be seen as a new project, with the same passion (or more) that animated you during its first creation.

Subsequently, a website requires the rigor and patience to see it emerge among many others, but it is within the reach of everyone if we consider that many websites are born, but disappear so fast for lack of time, involvement or passion …

So relaunch your website does not always mean “starting from scratch” except in case of the redesign of the editorial.

We hope these 7 tips help you relaunch your website successfully. If you have any ideas and if you want to share your thoughts with us, please don’t fill hesitate, we always ready to share your thoughts and ideas.

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