Less Stress | 7 ways to less stress during major changes in life

7 tips to less stress to changes in your healthier life

When our life undergoes major changes, the natural response of our organism and our behavior may be to stress. Unfortunately, stress is bad for health but also for morale and has a big impact on our life expectancy. Stress also has a definite impact on your daily well-being and your relationships with others. It is therefore important to do work on oneself in order to achieve less stress during major changes in life.

These changes are changes that everyone is able to accomplish while working on themselves and their thoughts. When we really want it, we have the ability to make a real impact on how we think and how we act. Just take the time to think and do a real job of introspection to have more control over his behavior and emotions, but also on his level of stress.

1. Your identity is not defined by what you think of yourself

To less stress when making changes, it is important to understand one thing. We are not the label that others place on us. Our identity is not limited to our profession, the number of friends we have or any other social construct that others use to try to give a definition of who we are. In reality, our identity is multiple and we are the only ones who can truly define it.

Less Stress | 7 ways to less stress during major changes in lifeIf you are a doctor and the people around you define you by your profession, that does not mean that it encompasses what you are, what you love and what you bring to the world. If you lose your job, then you should not feel as if you have lost part of your identity. This is not the case. It does not matter what you lose and what others use to identify you. You are the only thing that defines your identity.

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2. Take the time it takes to leave the past behind

When our life undergoes a major change, our mind’s response may be to automatically stress. Take the time to accept the new situation and leave the past behind. There is indeed a tendency to cling to his past, to remember how much it was more beautiful, simpler than today.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to appreciate what one has today if one has not yet managed to leave one’s past behind. If it is a move to another city or abroad that less stress you, for example, and that you miss your old life, it is not a question of drawing a line on this period of your life. But if you remember as a pleasant time you spent, to stay in touch with the people you love. And see your departure as a new adventure, a new beginning. When one learns to do that, one can be happy and serene anywhere.

3. When one door closes, another opens

When a door closes in your life, another door opens. If you have not been accepted into the program of your dreams, that you have not won this or that sports competition. It does not mean that you are good for nothing and that you will never get to anything. But rather than you should open your eyes to new opportunities. A door is only a door: an opportunity among many others.

Less Stress | 7 ways to less stress during major changes in lifeIt is necessary to learn to see beyond this thing that you just missed or miss to be able to access these new opportunities that await you with open arms. Change is always difficult, pushing us out of our comfort zone. However, get out of our comfort zone and the one and only thing that can really make us grow. You just have to take the plunge to be less stressed during major changes in your life.

4. Adopt a winning attitude

How to define a winner attitude? It is an attitude of grace and flexibility that one day pushes you to reach a state of resilience. If an unwanted change occurs in your life, you have two solutions. Cry in your corner and mope without doing anything to change the situation. Or accept the change, leave behind the past and make sure to be happy in the current situation even if it is imperfect.

Which is the winner attitude? The second, you guessed it. Life is not a calm river and you will necessarily come across obstacles along the way. The important thing is to learn to find solutions to overcome these obstacles and not stop and turn back when you come across one of them. Ignoring difficulties is never a solution. To learn to be less stressful during changes it is necessary to learn to accept this one.

5. Relativiser

To less stress during changes, it is important to learn to relativize. The situation in which you find yourself may seem complex and time-consuming. But if you pause for a moment to look around you will realize one thing. There is always worse – even worse. And of course, the misfortune of others should absolutely not be a source of rejoicing for you. It can nevertheless be a source of wisdom by allowing you to put into perspective, to understand that if the others survive worse, you can manage what happens to you.

Less Stress | 7 ways to less stress during major changes in lifeIt is sometimes necessary to be able to look around, to get out of his bubble and take into account those around us. When we are in a state of stress, our perception is limited to ourselves and it becomes difficult to pay attention to the advice that others give us, or even to be aware of the state in which they are and how they are doing. You have to learn to make that effort, to go to the other person and to put your own situation in perspective.

6. Become aware of the support you have

When we are stressed, we sometimes forget that the people around us and love us are there for us and want to help us. He is always, in any situation, possible to find someone to talk to. If you have no friends, no relatives around you, call a toll free number. Talk to people about forums and social networks. You can even do this anonymously.

Less Stress | 7 ways to less stress during major changes in lifeThe important thing is to learn to recognize that we need help and to accept this help when others offer it to us. Our pride sometimes pushes us to refuse, but we all need a little help from time to time. And that does not mean we are weak, only that we are trying to get out of a complex situation. So we breathe and let those who wish to help us advise and guide us. It feels good and allows us to less stress during changes in life.

7. The hardest times have an end

The hardest times have an end and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Even when you feel like you are losing control of your life or a particular situation, be aware that this is just a moment in your life, and that after something difficult you will usually find something of better. Sometimes, we also have the impression that a situation is negative because of stress, but we finally learn to appreciate this situation.

If you accept a new job but you do not feel up to it at first, understand that it’s perfectly normal and that this situation will get better. You just need to learn to trust yourself and to tell you that you will get there. What is true: If you have been accepted for this job it is because you have the necessary abilities to accomplish the tasks that are asked of you. So breathe and gain confidence in yourself and less stress in the future. Better things will happen.

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