9 Simple tips how to strengthen your buttocks more attractive?

Who does not dream of buttocks well rounded and plump? To achieve this requires effort and will, but by training regularly and applying some simple tricks, it is quite possible to strengthen your buttocks! Each of our sports routines is different and the response of our body is different too. But by showing a little will, it is quite possible to achieve a dreamy boot!

All you need to do is follow our 9 tips to strengthen your buttocks! Nothing more simple and effective when you want to find a well-rounded body and no longer complex. Yes, ladies, the shapes are up to date! And no need for complicated diets or cosmetic surgery to have a dream body! Healthy eating and sports will do the trick! Let’s go!

We explain here how to strengthen your buttocks you’ve always dreamed!

1. The 30-second rule

The first tip to muscle his buttocks? Respect the rule of 30 seconds. Indeed, when one seeks to strengthen his buttocks, it is important to work the muscles of his buttocks intensely to gain shape and volume. Doing classic exercises such as squats is a good idea to get a more muscular and domed hindquarter, but it is also possible to improve their efficiency.

 to strengthen your buttocks

When doing squats, for example, try to stay around 30 seconds at the lowest position you can reach. The effort to achieve this is considerable but in this way, you will really work the muscles of your buttocks and they will take volume. Take a long breath, and try to hold 30 seconds. You will see that the results will be impressive!

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2. Practice each occasion

To strengthen your buttocks, it is important not to limit yourself to your workouts to work your muscles. There are plenty of ways to train in a simple way throughout the day to get the buttocks you’ve always dreamed of. How? It’s simple. At work, you can do leg lifts under the desk by working for example. You can even bring weights and use them during breaks.

When it comes to sports and bodybuilding, consistency is required. That’s why using every opportunity you have to do your sport can really help you gain volume more quickly, but also more enjoyable and less stress. When you walk the dog, you can, for example, make lunges quickly. All opportunities are to take to strengthen his buttocks!

3. Walking can help you

Walking is an exercise that is good for the body and the mind. In addition, walking can also tone your body and strengthen your buttocks effectively and without asking too much time or effort. This requires walking in a certain way and fairly quickly. But once you get used to it, you get a taste of it, especially when you start to see the results on your own body!

 to strengthen your buttocks

When walking, try to keep the other heel on the ground for as long as possible while stepping forward. Push your leg up with your toes to give you momentum. You should feel the muscles of your buttocks contract with each step. It’s a good sign! Indeed, it shows that you work your muscles! You will quickly notice impressive results!

4. Wear clothes that do not hide your shapes

To strengthen his buttocks, there is an unconventional tip. Indeed, when one is complexed by a part of one’s body, one tends to hide it so that nobody sees it. If we take the example of his buttocks, that we do not find enough muscular and firm, we understand that a complexed person will tend to hide it. However, by showing this part of her body wearing skirts close to the body, for example, we force ourselves to make sure to appreciate it.

This is a kind of inverted psychology method. By showing something that does not appeal to you, you will give yourself the means to make sure that you like it. And with our exercises, you will quickly want to show off your muscled hindquarters on all roofs! Your own reflection is your best source of motivation! There’s nothing like looking in the mirror and loving what you see, right?

5. Think positively to progress

When you want something, no matter what it is, the best way to do it is by having positive thoughts. If you believe that you will achieve this, you will get the motivation to do it. It’s as simple as that, and it really works. In addition, use your own image to motivate yourself. You can, for example, find a picture of you younger with the shapes that you like.

By using your own image as ideal, you give yourself more achievable goals than if you were trying to look like I do not know which photoshopped model. It is important to have realistic and achievable expectations but to believe hard and give yourself the means to achieve them. In this way, we are capable of everything and we will necessarily achieve our goal by putting his own.

6. Use weights

To strengthen your buttocks, it is important to use weights. Indeed, the weight of our own body is enough to tone the muscles of our buttocks, but not really to make them gain volume. If you really want to gain volume, then, we prefer to use weights for training to be more effective. Of course, we are careful not to overload from the beginning.

 to strengthen your buttocks

Indeed, by using weights, you will do a lot more work the muscles of your buttocks but also burn more calories. By doing this, you will be able to maximize your results and you will feel much better in your body and in your head. We take care not to hurt your back by loading too much! It is important to go slowly to achieve better results safely.

7. Go for it

To strengthen your buttocks, it is important to take your time and go for it. Thus, when we start using weights, we start by loading shortly before gradually increasing the rate. It’s all about not getting hurt. Playing sports requires effort but it should not be a pain, an obligation and even less a danger to you!

Then it is also important to take your time doing the exercises. If you do squats, for example, try not to do them too fast. Go down and go up slowly: you will burn more calories and your muscles will make a greater effort than if you go faster. In sport, quality outweighs quantity. Count to 4 going down by doing a squat, and count to 3 going up.

8. The “side squats”

To muscle her buttocks, nothing like doing “side squats”. Squats are the most effective way to gain volume at the gluteal level. But nothing like the “side squats” to achieve it by suffering a little less! Indeed, we feel much less pain and contraction in the knees. As said before, it’s about not suffering during your workout, but simply to make sure that it is effective.

 to strengthen your buttocks

We, therefore, advise you to use a weight bar and perform squats by stepping aside with your right foot (then alternating). Hold for 5 seconds the position, contracting well at the buttocks. Return to the starting position by putting your foot back in its place. We start again about 20 times per session for greater efficiency.

9. Eat more protein

To strengthen your buttocks, nothing like consuming protein. Indeed, proteins allow your body to gain muscle mass by nourishing them. When you play sports and you want to gain muscle mass, it is important to increase your protein intake fairly consistently depending on the intensity of the sessions and objectives that you want to achieve.

 to strengthen your buttocks

Foods rich in protein such as eggs, meat or even lentils should be part of your diet. You can also prepare protein bars made from peanut butter and honey, for example. They are a better alternative to the bars on the market, which often contain a lot of sugar and bad additives for your health.

And you, do you have any advice to strengthen your buttocks to share? Please share with us, we really respect our reader’s thoughts and ideas.

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