A Hard Day’s Drive

You might think that driving all day is an easy job. After all, most of us have to drive for some reason every day so why not get paid to do it? Also, it’s just sitting down, right? Well, driving for a living is actually really tough as it involves an incredible amount of concentration which is very tiring.

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Driving for a living can also be dangerous, particularly if rest breaks are not taken regularly. It is not safe to drive for too many hours without a break as concentration can lapse and fatigue sets in, delaying reaction times and risking falling asleep at the wheel. Long distance driving can involve long and straight roads for many hours on end and so it’s easy for focus to wander.

When a driver relies on his vehicle for earning a living, it’s important that maintenance and upkeep are a top priority. Driving in all weather conditions and during both night and day, nobody wants to risk an accident due to vehicular faults as a result of a lack of maintenance. This includes regularly checking the tread and pressure of all tyres prior to departure, as well ensuring there is enough fuel. For large fuel users, BP Fuel Cards are a good option. Find out more at www.fuelcardservices.com/fuel-cards/bp-fuel-cards/

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Whether a haulier, a taxi driver, a courier or a coach tour driver, taking regular breaks and ensuring a high quality of vehicle maintenance will go a long way towards keeping both the driver and the passengers safe.

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