A taste of Irish culture

The friendliness of the Irish people is a much-deserved reputation and not a myth. It is quite normal to be welcomed by the people of Ireland with a friendly smile and a genuine interest in your visit. You can almost always find an outstretched arm with a welcoming greeting when you travel around and get to know Ireland. Here is a little information about what kind of culture you can expect to find:


Without a doubt, the pub is the main place for socializing in Ireland especially in the small towns (of which there are many in Ireland). When you visit a pub, you can have a drink, grab something local and delicious to eat, listen to music, dancing and singing. The food in the pub, which is known as ‘pub grub’ is generally very good and reasonably priced.

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Article 8 of the Constitution of Ireland states that the national language of the country is Gaelic, but this is only used as a first language by a small number of people, especially in the Gaeltacht area such as the Aran islands. English remains the language most commonly used. Get your Aran Sweaters as a souvenir. Visit here for Aran Sweaters

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St Patrick’s Day

This iconic national holiday in Ireland falls on March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day. The annual celebration is enjoyed with parades and celebrations right across the country and is also celebrated by Irish communities around the world. St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, and he is believed to teach the Holy Trinity with shamrocks and using them to illustrate the Christian belief of ‘the 3 divines in one God’. The shamrock is a national symbol of Ireland and is proudly worn on March 17.

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