About me

Hello guys! My name is Rashed Ahmed; God creates me with lots of creative ability. But you know what? I never realized my hidden creativity characteristic and I tried to do a lot of thing in my life which put me on the wrong platform all the time.

First, with the intentions of having a well-paid job, I work in a warehouse farm as a manager, but after few years I realized I don’t bear for this job, it’s really uncreative and has nothing to do for this glory. I really bored my daily unenjoyable schedule. I never wanted to put myself in someone’s commands and I left that wish on the side right after. Well, that was an end of being a job holder.

Next, I tried to engage myself as a businessman, and I think what type of business I do? Then I realized my hobby is aquarium fish and I well-experienced aquarium fish care, aquarium fish breeding and a lot of knowledge this field, so I asked myself, why I don’t try to aquarium business? and I start my own business Aquarium fish shop. I try to give my customers best and beautiful fishes, and aquarium related product for my valuable customer and I always try to help my customers with sales for keep fish happily. For customer support, I try to engage more knowledge my practical life experienced as an aquarist and lot of collect through the internet. Suddenly I realized why I don’t share my lot of experience through the internet and help all over the world aquarist. So I asked myself, why you think, just jump and let’s do something for your glory and show your creativity and explore yourself in this world through the internet, and then I start an aquarium fish blog writing about aquarium fish, aquarium maintenance, aquarium fish diseases, aquarium fish diseases symptoms, aquarium fish breeding, etc.

so I create my own blog and knock the next door to explore my ideas and creativity through my blogging career. After few years I thinks I generate lots of business ideas, I well known about fashion, I’m a martial art expert (Taekwondo) so I have lot of knowledge about diet, fitness, yoga, so why I don’t share my others experience in this glory for helping others, then I create my next free online magazines site and I realized I’m so much happy now, because I finally find out my goal and I discover myself and my hidden ability to explore which is becoming a blogger….

Now I love to write blog contents for our daily needs.

I also publish creative content on my blog. If you are a creative writer, send me your article to us via contact us page.