Activities for children with high abilities

Many teachers include activities for children with high abilities in their daily routine since sometimes conventional exercises are not motivating enough for these students. It is at that moment that the teacher’s imagination becomes clear to exploit its potential.

At present, it is common to hear the term “child with high abilities” in school meetings. But, although it is increasingly common,  finding the correct way to educate them continues to present itself as a real challenge. It is essential to remember that, regardless of whether they are gifted or not, they are infants like their peers and therefore demand a deal with respect and understanding.

If these children are offered appropriate activities for their abilities, they will feel encouraged to face small but attractive challenges on a daily basis, and the good results they obtain will be enough motivation to progress academically in a brilliant way.

Children with high abilities

It is understood as a child with high abilities or super-gifted that infant that stands out at an academic, social or emotional level. In this sense, you can highlight in all the fields or only in one of them. Echoing Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence. We can understand that an individual develops an intelligence above what the average does. But in others shows a normal development. These are known as children talents.

In addition, they usually have an IQ much higher than 130, which can mean excellence in skills that stand out when they receive adequate stimulation. Otherwise, frustration or lack of self-esteem can cause the student to go unnoticed in terms of excellent academic results.

To detect a child with high abilities, it is necessary to take into account those signs or characteristics that define them, among which are:

Activities for children

  • You can achieve higher achievements than those of your age group.
  • They present precocious talent, as, for example, they detect unnoticed details, they memorize and they learn with ease, they show sensitivity with certain subjects or they ask many questions.
  • Usually get bored in classes.
  • They are motivated with great intellectual challenges.
  • They relate well to older kids.

Although it is not possible to generalize, students with giftedness can present socio-emotional and emotional problems. When presenting a development higher than the average in some fields, they may feel misunderstood or even frustrated, especially with students from the same age group. This can lead to rejection by both parties. For this reason, they sometimes feel more comfortable with older students,  with whom they better fit at the level of maturity.

By making use of appropriate activities for children with high abilities, teachers can easily turn a conventional class into extraordinary. A goal that is posed, from a more creative and complex perspective, will help these children discover their skills as a result of good school planning. Here we suggest to read, 7 stages in the emotional development of the baby.

It is convenient, therefore, to find and promote appropriate activities to stimulate these outstanding individuals at an educational, social, emotional and cultural level. In many cases, it is essential that the boys participate in the selection of the activities or tasks that are proposed so that there is a higher percentage of acceptance.

In general, gifted students get bored when they perform repetitive and monotonous activities, hence the importance of proposing activities that involve abstract or divergent thinking, search for results and solutions or research work. The proposals in this sense should always be novel, creative, original, entertaining and involve a constant challenge of overcoming.

Some of them can be:

Activities for children

  • Propose complementary activities within the school hours of deepening that have to do with the contents studied by the rest of their classmates.
  • Encourage it by means of knowledge enrichment workshops related to new technologies. Such as computer science, robotics or advanced sciences, that allow increasing the content of their classes through research and exploration.
  • Use the sense of humor, through the proposal of riddles or riddles, to promote and improve the mood. And thus contribute to increasing their motivation.
  • Use games and tools of logic, enigmas or hieroglyphs.
  • Encourage him to attend after-school classes of theater, dance, performing arts or any musical instrument. As well as to participate in a sport that catches your attention, if possible as a team.

If we want to find activities for children with high abilities. We must always start from their opinions and interests. And make sure that they satisfy their demanding intellectual needs. We will know that we have found the ideal when we witness demonstrations of pride for the achievements obtained.


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