Adding Space to your Home with a Garage Extension

If you would like a bit of extra room in your home and don’t really want to move you have got several options depending on what room you have available to you and what your budget is. You could build an extension, a conservatory or an orangery. A good way to add an extension to your home, if you have a garage that you aren’t really using is to extend above your garage and convert your garage to an extra room.

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It is also a good opportunity to de-clutter your garage and spruce it up a bit with some new garage doors form somewhere such as this garage doors Bath based company

One of the benefits of a garage is extension is that as there is already an existing structure there, they can be more cost effective and take less time to build than a completely new extension, as well as increasing the value of your home if done well. You have the option of doing a one storey or two storey extension – the best thing to do first is to find an architect and talk it through with them.

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An architect will be able to talk through what you want from your extension as well as help to plan the best way to make maximum use of your space, as well as advise if you may need planning permission (most garage extensions don’t but it is worth checking).

It is certainly an option worth exploring, if you are planning to extend your home to create a bit more room it can certainly be a good option for many people.

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