A beautiful log cabin Christmas

Surely there are fewer ways that you can have that perfect Christmas than in the warm comforting glow of a real fireplace in your own log cabin. It is almost like something out of a Christmas card, but the reality is not that far away as many holiday parks open up their doors for the festive period before their two-month winter shut down. Better still why not consider making it a long-term option by looking at Log Cabins for sale in Northern Ireland. There is just something so magical about spending 12 days of Christmas, or however long you get time off for, in your little rural retreat. Start planning for next Christmas. A quick look to see A range of log cabins in Northern Ireland for sale would be a great place to start.

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What is it about the romantic view of the log cabin at Christmas? Even the thought of it sort of conjures up images of warmth and family. If it snowed that would be almost too perfect wouldn’t it? The attraction of the log cabin is probably based in our sense of nature. Where else can you get a living dwelling that is made for one hundred percent nature material? The answer is nowhere. Our bricks and motor have longevity and security sure, but they lack that natural warmth and charm that the log cabin can provide. It may also hark back to our ancestors from the North. We do have strong links to the Danes and Norwegian Vikings that came over in the late nine hundreds. They brought the skills and resources to change us out of our Wattle and Daube roundhouse ways and they weren’t to keen on all that dressed stone that the Romano-Britain’s had left lying either. The winters were harsher in the past before climate change at it some became clear to our ancestors that their Danish cousins might have a good idea going so, they copied them.

Modern log cabins are a bit different. They are put together with solid nails and are pretty easy to erect which makes them an even more attractive proposition. The Log cabin only needs a bit of wood preserver every twelve months or so to protect it, so the costs of maintenance are low to. With woods natural qualities it retains heat, so you don’t have to have that fire on for any great length of time.

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As we said before the log cabin is the perfect accommodation for the Christmas period. With the tree set up and the presents all around it, it just seems to make that feeling and vibe of the most wonderful time of the year.

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