How to become a better warehouse leader

If you aspire to become the best organisational leader that you can be, specifically within the warehouse environment, you will need to hone certain knowledge and skills. Just like any business manager in this industry, you will need to set priorities for your workforce, control and oversee potentially dangerous operations, work to continuously improve the work environment and find ways to lead, supervise and inspire those around you. This article looks at the four areas that you should focus on to become a great warehouse leader.

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1. Understand the system

Organisational leadership can be a difficult concept to understand as it involves large groups of people. Leaders need to be able to shape and maintain a bureaucracy and work within a hierarchy that defines the relationships and roles within the business. The best organisational leaders are able to develop others into leaders by letting them assume greater challenges and responsibilities as their capabilities grow, and make everyone in the organisation feel valued and motivated.

2. Get to know your warehouse

You should know the warehouse and the processes within it inside out before you take on the challenge of becoming a leader. Shadow the team to find out how the operation works and network with other companies and warehouses to understand the external environment.

For example, if your warehouse involves industrial shelving in Ireland, get familiar with similar businesses, such as By comparing your own warehouse to similar businesses you will get a greater depth of knowledge, be able to learn from best practice and benchmark how your own business is performing.

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3. Get educated

There is a good range of quality distance learning courses that provide qualifications in organisational leadership, such as through the Open University. Further study will help you build on your management skills and develop key capabilities to complement your industry experience.

4. Study different styles of leadership

Organisational leaders can adopt three different styles, either autocratic, democratic or laissez-faire. The first style describes a leader who controls all decisions in an absolute manner. The second is more inclusive of inputs from everyone and the third describes a situation where workers are able to act as they please. If a warehouse is to operate successfully and safely, a combination of these styles will be needed, depending on the situation.

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