The best place to stay in a school ever.

Going away to school, college or university for the first time is a difficult period for anyone. There is a degree of fear that you really are stepping into the unknown and what might await you. Imagine then the anxiety that a certain Mr H Potter felt before starting his boarding school days. As if finding out that you’re a Wizard wasn’t shocking enough if you add on the facts that you’ve been told this by an 8 foot hairy man, given a magic wand (the twin of the one that killed your parents, by the way), then been informed that you need to push a trolley through what appears to be a solid wall only to discover that after you do you then have to go on a magical steam train to the Scottish highlands for 10 months of schooling you might be a bit apprehensive. Back in the human world if you are concerned about Gloucester Student Accommodation or anywhere else then a trip to should easily put your mind at ease, as Harry found when he finally got to Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and wizardry and was put in the Gryffindor House.

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What Harry discovered is that in terms of Student accomodation Gryffindor probably had the best there was to offer. You can keep the stinky Dungeon that the nasty Slytherin’s had to endure, the Gryffndor Tower was a easily the best. For example, it was guarded most excellently by a portrait know, affectionately as “The Fat Lady”.This is a role that has been played by both Elizabeth Spriggs and Dawn French, her formidable presence keeping out anyone wishing to enter the Tower that is not wearing the old Yellow and Red.

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The first thing that you notice is the wonderful common room. There is a huge roaring fireplace, perfect for receiving messages from criminal, but actually innocent, Godfathers and lots of space to try out invisibility cloaks. The best part has to be the winding staircase that leads up to your dormitory. This is where it all comes together, not only has your luggage been brought up by a barely visible house elf but you have a sumptuous four poster bed to sleep in for the next seven years. One other perfect feature is that you have a nice leaded window to look out of when it’s raining and you want to look sad and thoughtful. Useful, considering what you’ve been through, and what you’re going to go through.

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