Best Ways to Change Up Your Look

They say that a change is as good as a rest. Well, maybe a change in your image could be even better than that. Certainly there is no time like the present, so start from the top – literally – then work your way down with our top-to-bottom tips on how to update your look:


Our hair is the first port of call when it comes to making a change. Broken up with your long-term boyfriend? Give your long flowing locks a trim and go for a bob cut à la Mia Wallace of Pulp Fiction fame. Fed up with your old job and want a new job? Start mixing it up now with a Twiggy pixie crop. Want to let loose a while? Get some extensions and go for some Veronica Lake waves. Want all of the above? Check out the Natural Image wig range and you can change things up from one day to the next!


There’s no better way to change up your face than with a new make-up routine. The experimentation phase (keep it at home, folks) is always fun, until you’re finally ready to unleash a new you to the world. Think styles (dewy, smoky, innocent, rocky, seductive, contours), colours and tones. Don’t skimp on your tools, brush sets, cleaners, sprays and sponges, and be ready to watch hours (and hours and hours) of clever, handy YouTube videos to help you along the way.


Anytime I feel I’m about to go on a full-on spending spree and update my wardrobe, I spend about a month flicking obsessively through magazines and my favourite Pinterest pages so that when I finally hit the shops, I have a strong idea of what I’m after, the right combos and pieces. Never go into the fray unprepared, and be ready to play the long game – if you can’t find the kind of ripped skinny jeans, studded vest top or double-breasted trench coat you had in mind, save it for another day.


A body change, aside from sounding a little like a classic 80s fantasy comedy with Tom Hanks, may require some lifestyle decisions. Think diet, exercise, yoga, a gym inscription (that you actually use), early morning jogging. It might also mean some piercings and/or tattoos. Whatever you go for, make sure it’s something you’re confident in, and something you’ll be able to appreciate years from now. If you do decide that some body art is what you’d like, do your research – both of designs, placement and artists, and be prepared to spend more for a tattoo you’ll be proud to show off.


Someone once said that ‘shoes maketh the man.’ Actually, we’re not totally sure they said that, but the point is, a change in what you put on your feet can impact your entire look, so it’s worth knowing what kind of change to expect from what kind of shoe. Here are a few pointers: flats are more casual than heels; extending the colour of your leg with your shoe (red trousers, red shoes; tanned legs, tanned shoes etc.) will make your legs appear longer; toes are for fun, not for work (or travelling on the Tube); a boldly coloured shoe can be the centrepiece of your look.

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