The best window treatments for a room with a view

Whatever style of windows you choose, they are often the first things the eye sees when looking at a property. Which are the best window treatments to complement your particular style? Venetian blinds, although once very popular, are now considered secondary in comparison with other designs such as Roman or roller blinds despite their practicalities. Which one is best to choose?

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Venetian blinds

This type of blind is extremely effective for filtering or blocking out light and yet still bring in the light depending on when you decide to give the pull a twist. If you enjoy the view from your window but still want privacy, this blind is perfect. Although they’re not the first thing you see when entering a room, they’re not too expensive and can add some style to a space without the headache of choosing the right blind for a room.

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Wood Blinds

Wood blinds give a classic look to many decorative rooms and come in a huge variety of finishes that range from bamboo to light pine. The different slat sizes on offer give you a degree of control in relation to how much privacy, light or view you want from your window in contrast to installing waterproof roller blinds, for example.

Faux Wood Blinds

In a similar way, faux wood blinds offer great value for their affordability, attractiveness and their simple maintenance. Although they look and feel like wood blinds, they’re much cheaper and more durable. They can even be customised by replacing the cord of the thread with jute, or you can change the knob for something different.

For your kitchen or bathroom

However, there are going to be times when you want the view coupled with the practical elements. In this case, a waterproof roller blind is the best choice for your kitchen or bathroom. These can be safely installed by companies such as waterproof roller blinds without worrying about them becoming stained, damaged by humidity or having direct contact with water.

With so much choice on the market, it can be hard to decide what style of window blinds to use. Thinking of both the practical and the design elements will help you determine which are best suited for the rooms in your home.

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