Why Bintan Island is South East Asia’s Best Kept Secret

South East Asia is full of beautiful hidden gems, but it’s still surprising to see how many people only go for the usual suspects like Bali and Phuket. Many other destinations around the region are growing in popularity and offer the same natural beauty, resorts, and amenities these top destinations have to offer.

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But what makes these destinations so great is that they’re still largely undiscovered by tourists, which will really allow you to get away and still have an authentic experience. They also offer great business opportunities for foreign investors. One of those hidden gems is Bintan Island, located right off the coast of Singapore. Let’s take a look at why Bintan may be South East Asia’s best-kept secret.

The Accommodation

One of the best things about Bintan is the wide choice of accommodation and how affordable it is as well. The island has everything from nice backpacker hostels to high-end 5-star resorts. The island accommodates all types of travelers as well. Whether you want to stay at an all-inclusive resort or rent a townhouse for the week, you’ll find it all in Bintan.

Great Investment Opportunities

Another great thing about Bintan is that it has tons of great investment opportunities as well, especially when it comes to real estate. And while there are some restrictions for foreigners who want to buy property there, these are much less stringent than in places like Thailand, for instance. In Bintan, you can actually own property as an expat, but you have to be an Indonesian resident. And you must buy from a developer since you can’t buy second-hand property.

Luckily, there are tons of projects in development in Bintan and you could get an affordable seaview apartment in Bintan for a reasonable price, which could make for a great investment whether you’re thinking of renting it out during the high season or reselling it later on.

Great Nightlife

Bintan also rivals other cities in the region when it comes to its nightlife. But the country is much more conservative, so you won’t get the same wild atmosphere at other destinations. There are tons of world-class nightclubs in and around the island and many lounges as well if you’re looking for something more laid back.

Rich Culture and History

Bintan used to be an important stop on the spice route and it welcomed merchants from all over the world. And you’ll feel these influences in their culture. The food is really something else there and is a mix of Asian, Arabian, and Indian influences. There’s also a significant native presence there, and you’ll have the chance to explore their culture and customs. Bintan is one of the most diverse countries in the region, which makes it one of the most interesting as well.


Bintan is definitely a place to discover and you’ll fall in love the minute you’ll get there. Don’t be afraid to expand your horizons and see everything Bintan has to offer.

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