Black soap beauty treatment for your skin

Black has taken over the latest beauty releases and the responsible is coal, an active ingredient that cleanses and purifies the skin in a soft and natural way. We tell you all its benefits.

Surely you’ve seen the famous black soap or those in which contact with the skin creates multiple bubbles. All of them have the same protagonist: activated charcoal. An asset that without realizing it has become the star ingredient of all the latest cosmetic novelties. But this is no coincidence, it is an ingredient that in addition to cleaning the skin, controls the excess of sebum and has many more qualities for the face, among others, which is also a natural ingredient that cleans without damaging or drying. The truth is that its benefits are not unknown: in ancient times all its absorbing properties were used and it was even used to eliminate body poison. Now, all its benefits are oriented in take care of the skin, in getting a cleaner, refined face without excess fat.

That is why it is postulated as the perfect option for oily and combination skin that need to regulate excess sebum or those that seek a deeper cleaning. So go make a hole in your bag because these products will become your new cosmetic allies.

But let’s make it clear, when we talk about the fact that these cosmetic products are made from coal, we are talking about activated carbon, that is to say, a coal that has been subjected to certain processes to further enhance its absorption capacities.

What is black carbon soap treated?

  1. Thanks to its porosity it has the ability to absorb excess oil from the skin. It is perfect to balance the dermis, especially those that are mixed or fat.
  2. It has an antibacterial effect. In ancient times it was already used to heal and eliminate certain toxins such as poisons and this is because it is rich in antibacterial and disinfectant properties in a way that makes it a perfect ally against acne or pimples.
  3. Brings luminosity thanks to leaving the skin clean and with refined pores. It removes all the dirt that may be on the face and detoxifies the skin leaving it radiant.
  4. Coal is also known for its detoxifying qualities since it favors the elimination of these.
  5. Diminishes the size of the pores thanks to eliminating clogged dirt. If the pores are clean and free of black and white spots you get a more refined skin, a more uniform and also smoother tone.

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