Blood Sugar: 7 list of foods that raise your blood sugar

7 foods that raise blood sugar

When you try to monitor your blood sugar, which is the level of sugar in your blood, you tend to think that the only foods that tend to increase it are those that have the reputation of being very sweet. Like candies, cakes or soft drinks for example. And that’s right, these foods need to increase sugar dramatically. It is important to remember, however, that some unsuspected foods also raise sugar in blood.

To monitor the level of sugar in one’s blood is, therefore, to pay attention to one’s diet at all levels: not just at the level of sweets. This list of foods that help raise sugar in blood will help you realize that some foods you think are harmless can indeed have a negative impact on your health.

It’s gone for 7 foods that raise blood sugar!

1. The wand

Ah, the wand! A symbol of culture and a food we love to consume on a regular basis, at all meals. However, the baguette is a food that really explodes blood sugar. Indeed, its glycemic index is 70. By consuming it therefore really increases the level of sugar in the blood, which has negative effects on your health especially if you suffer from a disease such as diabetes for example.

Blood Sugar: 7 list of foods that raise your blood sugarIf you still want to eat bread on a regular basis, do not miss it! In fact, the whole bread has, for example, a lower glycemic index than the baguette. Rye bread also makes blood glucose levels much lower. If you eat bread on a daily basis, they prefer a bread of this type with the classic baguette. They are just as tasty (if not more), and are healthier than chopsticks that raise blood sugar!

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2. Baked potatoes

When baked, potatoes have a very high glycemic index and actually increase the blood glucose of the person who consumes them. Indeed, their glycemic index is 95: the same as the french fries! Consuming it leads to a sudden increase in sugar in your blood, which is harmful if you try to control your blood sugar for any reason.

Blood Sugar: 7 list of foods that raise your blood sugarIf you want to consume potatoes without increasing your blood glucose, you should steam them instead. Their glycemic index remains quite high (65) but it remains better than the version fried or baked! Another tip? You can eat sweet potatoes, which, despite their sweeter taste, have a much lower glycemic index (43)!

3. The fruit juice

We love the juice. However, fruit juice, and in particular industrial fruit juice of poor quality, raises sugar in blood. Indeed, most of the fruit juices that can be bought in stores are not juice extracted directly from the fruit but juices extracted from fruit purees extremely rich in sugar. It retains the sugar of the fruit but not its vitamins and the beneficial things that it could bring you.

Blood Sugar: 7 list of foods that raise your blood sugarIndustrial orange juice has a very high glycemic index (65). Consuming high-glycemic foods causes peaks in blood sugar, which causes the body to store sugar and fats: so it’s very bad for weight loss, and dangerous for your health if you are diabetic! To consume juice without fear, it is better to squeeze it yourself from fresh fruit: the glycemic index of fresh fruit juice is lower (52 for orange juice for example).

4. Fruits in syrup

Consuming fruit in syrup raises blood sugar. Whether it is canned fruits in syrup or fruits in syrup found on pies and other pastries, they have a mode of preparation that makes their blood in sugar index very high. A fruit salad with syrup, for example, has an average glycemic index of 64! Lychees in syrup, for example, have a glycemic index of 94!

If you want to eat fruit salads, it is better that you prepare them yourself with fresh fruit. Indeed, the glycemic index of a fresh fruit salad is 46 on average, which is much healthier and better for your  sugar in blood. Nothing like home-grown foods to be healthier and lose weight more easily. When you want to be in good health, we must be careful what we eat!

5. Beer

Yes, consuming beer drastically raises blood sugar! All alcohols increase glucose levels because they all have a very high sugar level. However, the beer breaks records in its glycemic index. Indeed, this one is 100! When we are at the table, the only drink we should consume is water with our meal. Sugary beverages should be reserved for special occasions and other times of the day.

Blood Sugar: 7 list of foods that raise your blood sugarAnd watch out for light beers! They are enriched with maltose, which means that their sugar in blood index is even higher than that of classic beers! When you monitor your blood glucose closely, beer is to be avoided because it causes significant and undesirable blood sugar spikes if we pay attention to his line and his health especially! Beer is therefore reserved for special occasions: it is not consumed on a daily basis.

6. The puffed cereals

Yes, the breakfast cereal raises blood sugar considerably. They cause the insulin level in the blood to explode, especially extruded grains. Their assimilation by the body is also extremely fast. You will understand, there is nothing worse to consume on waking! These are more like sweets to consume once in a while to have fun than a balanced breakfast!

Many puffed bowls of cereal made from puffed rice have a glycemic index of more than 80! It is therefore really bad for your health to consume on a regular basis. We also pay attention to children, especially fond of this type of cereal! They are not allowed to be consumed every day and they are reserved for special occasions, or at a small dose once a week, for example.

7. Viennese pastries

This is probably not a surprise: chocolate buns or brioches, for example, cause blood sugar to explode by being extremely high in sugar. It stimulates insulin production in our body. The pastries also containing butter, so a lot of fat will, therefore, promote rapid weight gain since the body will store fat by having a higher insulin level than normal.

Blood Sugar: 7 list of foods that raise your blood sugarWe can choose to eat a chocolate cake or a croissant once in a while, but we avoid eating every morning or even worse, several times a day. If you really appreciate the taste of Viennese pastries and want to eat at breakfast, it is better to eat a small bread or to make a butter sandwich on good bread.

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