Boiler Broken Down? Don’t panic

There just isn’t a good time for a boiler to break down. Whether you’ve invited the in-laws for the weekend or it’s Christmas or a Beast from the East has rolled in and you have a baby in the house and no heating – it is a real emergency. Don’t panic – here’s what to do.

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1. Check If You Have Insurance

This may be under a specialist home care policy, but some general domestic policies also have a clause that provides cover if your boiler breaks down. If you pay a monthly servicing fee, you may well find that you are covered for a boiler breakdown and entitled to an emergency visit from a heating engineer.

2. Check How Old Your Boiler Is

If it’s under warranty, the manufacturer should help ultimately. However, some installers guarantee both the boiler and the installation when they put in a new boiler. Look at your installation documentation and find out if this is the case for your boiler.

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3. Renting? Get the Landlord to Act

Generation Rent may, for once, be in a good position. Call your landlord, because it is their responsibility to repair the boiler. However, some landlords, particularly if they have many properties or live a long way from the property, will ask you to organise the repair, even though they will pay the bill.

4. Get It Fixed Quickly By Calling a Gas Safe Heating Engineer

A broken boiler may occasionally be dangerous, as British Gas points out. So make sure that the company you call has an emergency service and that the boiler repairs are carried out by registered Gas Safe engineers. Rather than people you don’t know, use a reliable local company. For example, Cheltenham Boiler service is best carried out by fully qualified engineers who have a good local reputation such as

5. Help Elderly or Vulnerable Neighbours

If your heating is working fine, but elderly or vulnerable neighbours or relatives have a broken boiler, follow the instructions above. Many older people find it difficult to talk to people on the telephone, so you may need to call the engineers on their behalf. Tell the heating engineers about the older or vulnerable person. A reputable local firm will ensure that they visit promptly.

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