How Can I Improve My Fitness?

From hobby to a professional athlete, for many, there is nothing more beautiful than to overcome themselves and beat their own records. In this sense, the condition plays an important role: read this article in which we reveal some secrets to improve your fitness in a lasting way.

If you are ready to go outdoors, this is the ideal time to give your sports performance a decisive acceleration. Yeah, but what is the perfect system to improve your condition? We want to give you three tips, thanks to which you can find in a moment the push towards new personal records …

First Of All, Vary

Are you so good to go to the gym several times a week or, after work, put on your running shoes and jog in the park? Your body and your health will surely be grateful to you. However, if you want to improve your sports performance for a prolonged period, you must first vary your training program.

Giving your body always new and surprising stimuli, you make it come out into the open, thus promoting in a targeted way an increase in performance. For this reason, it is worth, while inserting more often in the tested training table a couple of new exercises or tries their hand at a trial with a completely different sporting discipline. What do you say, for example, of Bikram yoga, which encourages sweating, or a piloting circuit?

Establish Your Personal Records With Interval Training

The interval at workout allows you to achieve better results, faster. By alternately alternating load and recovery phases, you will be able to test the limits of your body, slowly but steadily moving the bar of its performance upwards. In addition, by toning the cardiovascular system, interval training helps you deal with the next exercise under stress, reducing the risk of being breathless.

In principle, experts suggest working on the 80-20 principle, i.e. limiting the very high-intensity exercises to 20% of training. In the remaining 80% of the time, we will obviously continue to sweat, even if at a slightly more pleasant pace. You can, for example, perform a relaxed ride, alternating with regular shots. Or, if you move on a mountain bike, as a next outdoor excursion you will simply choose a route with short but intense climbs. Between the interval of training, join to the real excitement of sports, click here for promos and bet on football today.

Gradually Enhance The Condition

Do you feel dragged by ambition and want more than anything else to resume immediately, overnight? First of all, take a deep breath. Only by setting simple and achievable goals, can you increase your motivations and face the spring in perfect shape.

If you want to improve your condition, do not be rushed, otherwise, there are often accidents and pains that could put you off for a long time. Much better is to increase the intensity of training step by step, always listening to your body. Even the regeneration is important to prevent injuries: especially if you’ve spent all your energy climbing or doing some trail running, your body needs immediately after his deserved break to rest.

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