Why choose Oak flooring?

Characteristics and advantages of cheap engineered wood floors. In this note, we will learn the reasons why choosing wood floors may be the ideal option for the construction of your home.

Advantages of wooden floors

When choosing the oak flooring in the home, you must take into account multiple factors. In fact, the choice must be made at the time of the design of the structure, to facilitate the work that best suits the type of floor chosen, according to its details and characteristics.

The wooden oak flooring provides warmth to the home, and have a unique and very natural appearance. They have a unique longevity since those of well placed solid woods can last up to one hundred years installed and in perfect conditions.

Also, its warmth is a great advantage. Not only in the visual aspect, but in the touch: when walking on a wooden floor you will never notice it ice cream or too hot, unlike the alternatives of ceramics or others. This material is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator, absorbing vibrations, and is suitable for placing heating systems below the planking.

Wood floors have tiny pores, but being treated, they do not retain dust or insects, being much more convenient for homes with children, pets, and people with asthma or allergies.

Its maintenance is simple: a sanding and polishing to remove the wax or plasticizer, a wax application every six months, and a polish to lift the shine is all that is needed. When they have been well lacquered, they are repellent to water and stains, being necessary only a wet cleaning per week.

Oak flooring

Some cons of the wooden floors 

There are those who opt for ceramic, stone, carpeted or other floors because of some cons that they notice on wooden floors. Its maintenance and cost of purchase and installation are the main ones, as well as the existing furniture with narrow legs, which is believed to affect the wood. These conditions have varied with the advances in the treatments of this soil, being increasingly cheaper in its installation and today having many alternatives available.

Variety and options on oak flooring

In the past, wood floors were reduced to laborious composite parquets. But today there are many options, from sleepers and large tables to small tiles of different woods, which give the floor an unparalleled look.

Also, the advances in the technologies of treatment of the wood make them more waterproof, warm and durable, and the new products facilitate their repair in case of cracks, unlike what happens with ceramic or cementitious floors, whose repair is expensive and rare it has good results.

The wood floors can be plasticized, lacquered, painted or left natural, depending on the area of placement, which makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor, even in humid and warm areas, today without risks of lifts and bends as it happened with the woods of yesteryear.

Taking into account all these benefits, the higher cost of this floor is surely worth it, and it is also widely profitable, recovering in savings of change and maintenance over the years.

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