Why choose a silicone hose?

If you are looking to upgrade your hoses, why not consider silicone? Capable of performing in a much wider temperature range than organic rubber, silicone stays flexible at temperatures as low as -50⁰C and as high as +250⁰C. In contrast, organic rubber can soften and deform completely at temperatures of around 100°C, and sustained high temperatures can cause them to crack and fail altogether.

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Durable and long-lasting

Silicone’s natural flexibility means that silicone hoses will not harden or split over time; therefore, they will last almost forever if properly maintained. Although the upfront costs are higher for silicone hose, the lifetime costs of ownership are considerably lower than for organic rubber and EPDM or VAMAC hoses.

Weather resistance

Rubber deteriorates rapidly when exposed to extremes of heat and cold. Silicone, on the other hand, is virtually unaffected by a wide range of environmental factors, including humidity, UV rays, drought, snow and rain.

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Vibration and noise control

If you choose hose from a long established silicone hose manufacturer, it should present a quiet and stable profile with good sound and vibration dampening capacities. This makes silicone a superior choice to aluminium and rubber – where metal must be clamped, introducing potential leak sites, rubber can be inherently noisy thanks to the friction between the hose and the mating surface.

Resists chemical reaction

In hoses for motor applications, a fluorosilicone liner can provide good protection from corrosion inhibitors and coolants. This is because silicone from a good silicone hose manufacturer is a naturally inert material that resists chemical interactions. It won’t corrode or adhere, as organic rubber is prone to do, and a silicone hose is just as easy to uninstall as it is to install, making it a reliable choice for use in motor engine applications.

Why choose a silicone hose?

This depends on the application; for example, non-toxic silicone is ideal for use in the food and drink industry, particularly in applications where it comes into direct contact with beverages. Where hygiene is critically important, such as in hospitals and operating theatres, silicone is a natural choice. Silicone’s natural resistance to extremes of temperature means it is also a smart choice for coolant and radiator systems. For specialist applications, high-quality silicone hoses are capable of operating under much higher pressures and are available in custom sizes.

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