Cinnamons Health Benefits | 10 miraculous virtues on health

10 health benefits in cinnamons

Cinnamons are one of the most consumed spices in the world. To be precise, it’s even the second most used, just after the green pepper. The cinnamon sticks as we know them are actually from the bark of a tree, the cinnamon … hence the name. And it is Sri Lanka, a small country in South Asia that is the world’s largest producer of cinnamon. However, cinnamon is not used in Asia since the dawn of time, since there are already traces of cinnamon in antiquity, a spice that was used by Egyptians.

His very particular taste does not please everyone, certainly. However, cinnamons is a spice that contains many health benefits. We will see together how this so flavored bark can help every part of our body. It must be kept in mind, however, that we cannot consume large amounts of cinnamon since it is a spice, and that it must be accompanied by a varied and balanced diet to bring benefits to our health.

1. A great source of antioxidants

Antioxidants are very much in demand today, since they protect our cells against aging, especially by attacking free radicals. According to a US study on cinnamons, this spice would even rank 4th among foods with the most antioxidants.

2. Cinnamon to get rid of acne

Cinnamons Health Benefits | 10 miraculous virtues on healthWhile medical solutions exist for the most severe cases of acne, a grandmother’s recipe is to consume cinnamon with honey to make the pimples disappear. This is not a miracle solution, but a good natural way to erase its pimples.

3. To eliminate belly fat

Cinnamons are presented as a real fat burner. For people who like the taste of cinnamon, it is also a spice that will play a role of hunger cut, especially to reduce the appetite of sugar lovers.

Cinnamon can be consumed as an herbal tea, in the morning, during the day and/or in the evening before going to bed. The recipe for this herbal tea is very simple since it is enough to dip a few sticks of cinnamon in a cup with hot water and then infuse the sticks for about ten minutes.

4. Against common diseases in winter

Cinnamons Health Benefits | 10 miraculous virtues on healthA cough, cold, flu … it is often difficult to escape the common diseases of winter. But cinnamon can help you spend the few months in the cold. Indeed, this spice is a strong source of iron, calcium, and iron, which help fight these diseases.

Indeed, cinnamons have quite exceptional medical virtues: this tree bark is both antibacterial and antiseptic, which means that it fights both viruses and microbes. Once consumed, it will also create a boost of energy that will give a boost. It’s also famous for fighting fatigue, so it is a highly recommended food in winter! And in these winter periods, what better than to add a little cinnamon in its hot chocolate or in its desserts?

5. Cinnamon, an anti-inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory effects of cinnamons are well established: the spice is particularly effective during muscle and joint pains. Cinnamon, therefore, has beneficial effects in people who suffer from osteoarthritis.

However, and this is a pretty important thing to know: the anti-inflammatory effects of cinnamon have been observed only during the ingestion of food supplements, and not when cinnamon is consumed in its natural state. Indeed, the contact of saliva would have adverse effects on the compounds of the spices.

6. Against hair loss

Cinnamons Health Benefits | 10 miraculous virtues on healthI see you coming … No, cinnamons is not a miracle ingredient that can allow the regrowth of your hair. She is just an ally against hair loss. So how can cinnamon help us fight hair loss? The spice will actually strengthen the scales of our hair to make them less fragile.

7. For digestion

Cinnamons is an antispasmodic: that is, it treats spasms, intense and brutal contractions often related to digestion. This spice will help relieve the stomach and intestine. So if you suffer from digestion problem, do not hesitate to consume. It will lute against the problems of indigestion, nausea, vomiting and even diarrhea, not to mention that it also helps expel gases. Goodbye bloating!

8. An excellent antifungal

Cinnamons Health Benefits | 10 miraculous virtues on healthBy regularly applying a few drops of cinnamon essential oil on your feet, you will find your baby’s toes. Thanks to its composition and as we saw in the previous points, the cinnamon is very effective to fight against parasites and bacteria; It is therefore very effective against fungi and other microscopic yeasts that can infect our skin and especially our feet.

9. To stimulate memory

According to an American study published in December 2016, Ceylon cinnamons plays an important role in the functioning of the brain. This spice would even improve the memory. It acts in the area of ​​the brain affected by Alzheimer’s disease, the hippocampus, improving the structure of cells and rebalancing the level of 2 proteins in the brain.

Cinnamon also helps regulate blood pressure. It is, therefore, a preferred ingredient if you have high blood pressure, which can lead to brain complications. So we can say that cinnamon has a double effect on the brain!

10. Regulates blood sugar and cholesterol

Cinnamons Health Benefits | 10 miraculous virtues on healthCinnamons is an essential spice for diabetics. Indeed, it helps to regulate blood sugar. Because type 2 diabetes increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, this spice must be a must for people with diabetes. On one side, cinnamon will regulate the blood sugar level (blood sugar). Some studies show that the consumption of cinnamon has lowered the blood glucose level by 25% on average!

So for diabetics, on one side cinnamon will regulate blood sugar and cholesterol, and on the other, reduce heart risks since these elements often go together.

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