Common Ways to Damage Alloys

If you have damaged your alloy wheels, don’t be too disheartened as it happens to even the best drivers. Sometimes it’s just sheer bad luck. Here are some of the ways drivers can damage their alloys:

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One of the most common reasons for this type of damage is hitting a pothole or driving over a badly surfaced road. Even when driving at a slow speed, hitting a pothole at just the wrong angle can cause some serious damage and also a puncture. For punctures and burst tyres, the problem is instantly recognisable with poor vehicle control. However, damage might not always be immediately obvious so it’s important to have the vehicle checked.

Potholes can cause nasty looking dents in alloys. This is not just unsightly but can also cause driving problems, so it’s advisable to have them checked out. For help with Alloy Repair Cheltenham, visit Apex wheels.

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Another common way to damage alloys is by scraping the kerb when parking. This normally occurs when we misjudge an angle or make a mistake when parallel parking, for example. It is incredibly frustrating, especially as hitting a concrete kerb can leave scuffs, scratches and missing paint from alloys. As soon as we hear the bump or scrape, we get that sinking feeling! If left, it can make vehicles look older than they are and a bit uncared for. This is particularly an issue if the car is leased, so repairing right away is the best course of action.

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