Concrete Jungle – Ideas for Making the Most of a Grass-Free Garden

If you have a garden but are not able to, or don’t want a traditional grass covered lawn, don’t think you have to resign yourself to a boring or less attractive garden. Having paving slabs and concrete can make you think that you don’t have much scope for adding a bit of life to the garden, which makes us all feel good especially during the Spring and Summer months. But here are some things that you can do in the garden that will help to make your garden look great.

Concrete Jungle

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Flowers and Plants in Pots – Pots and wooden planting boxes are the perfect way to add flowers to a paved garden. You can cover the garden in them if you want to. Choose pretty, brightly coloured pots to add a bit of brightness and stop it from looking so grey. There are numerous plants that you can choose from that thrive in pots. Even some varieties of rose are great for pots. If you have a bare wall, add a climbing plant such as a clematis to cover it with greenery.

Garden Furniture – There is such a large choice of garden furniture today, that even if you have very limited space in your garden you could still get a little bench, or a metal bistro table and chair set outdoors. Garden furniture makes the garden look and feel much more welcoming and inviting. Have a look around at what is on offer and you will find something in your budget and style. To inject some interest and glamour to your garden, have a look at Corten metal garden sculptures from to create a perfect centrepiece.

Lighting – You don’t usually associate lighting with a garden but in recent years garden lighting has gained popularity. Garden lighting gives the garden a lovely atmosphere, with an enchanted garden feel. If you have a bush in the garden, hang some outdoor fairy lights in it. If you have a pathway, put solar lights along the sides to light the way. You can buy some beautiful garden lights – they are also great for long summer evenings spent outdoors. It means that the party can stay outside for as long as you like!

Concrete Jungle

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Water Features – Water is so relaxing to be around – there is a reason why we all head to the seaside, or on boating holidays when we are feeling stressed! A centrepiece fountain, or a smaller and more delicate water feature both work well in a paved garden, and they are lovely to watch and listen to when enjoying time outdoors.

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