Could this be your future home?

What will our homes of the future look like? Science fiction would have us believe that we’ll all have personal robots and our homes will be fully automated at the flick of a button or a scan of your retina. How close is this vision? We already have increasing amounts of automation but what else might we find in our future abodes?

Some experts suggest that houses will no longer be constructed from clay bricks and will offer a much eco-friendlier option with less intensive manufacturing processes. Perhaps your home will be made from natural cement produced by bacteria or constructed from fungi? Or step back in time with the re-introduction of straw bales for insulation. Currently, we’ll have to make do with bricks and mortar for a little while longer. If you’re in the market for a new home, look for a Gloucester Estate Agent. Gloucester estate agents like TG Residential will be able to help.

Roofs will be hard at work too, as no material is for decoration alone any more. Super reflective tiles will be used for those living in hot climates. For those of us in less sunnier regions, biosolar roofs will incorporate a habitat for pollinating creatures and generate their own electricity!

Imagine laying a pathway to your front door that generates electricity every time someone steps on it! This is an invention that’s already on the market. To spruce up the exterior of your super-smart future property – try the new paints being developed that are resistant to scratches or scuff marks, made with titanium dioxide.

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Your garden need not be forgotten in the age of digital technology either. There are now devices available that keep an eye on things like the weather, soil acidity and temperature. One gadget will monitor the weather reports and regulate the watering of your plants for you!

Inside the home, how about some digital blinds that turn opaque to transparent at the touch of button? No more hiding behind the curtains to spy on the neighbours! And if you love cooking, you might not like the sound of this next invention. A gadget that recognises a raw dish and knows exactly how to cook it. This intelligent system takes all the guesswork and recipe scrutinising out of cooking.

Feel like a futuristic movement? Yes, even toilets have had the ‘smart’ treatment and are already available on the market. They come with heated seats, remote controls and night lights. These sound positively divine compared to recent offerings from Japanese firm, Toto. Their toilet is able to monitor your ‘rate of gush’. Other companies are working on toilets that are able to analyse your waste and give you updates on the state of your health. Just when you thought a trip to the loo was a chance to escape the world for 15 minutes!

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