How to create a hygge-style bathroom

Hygge is a Danish concept referring to a cosy and comfortable mood creating feelings of wellness and contentment. It has been big news in interior design in recent times and its influence has even spread to the bathroom.

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Go clutter-free

This is one of the most vital things to do if you want a hygge-inspired bathroom. Invest in some bathroom storage solutions, making sure that everything from towels to toiletries has its place.

You might consider shower shelving to add extra storage space in what is often an underused area, or you could think about built-in alcoves in the wall. These make ideal places to stack fresh linen.

Vertical storage is also an excellent idea in bathrooms, especially if you want to follow the hygge influence. This has been made hugely popular by the success of The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living by Meik Wiking, which made the Sunday Times Bestsellers list. Vertical storage ladders are ideal, especially as they can also be used to showcase other elements, such as books, plants and candles.

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Mood lighting

Whilst you might spend ages hunting for the perfect bathroom suite or even browsing for exactly the right 12mm shower glass panels from companies such as, lighting can often be forgotten for the bathroom. This is a mistake if you want to create a hygge area, however, as lighting is hugely effective at creating the warm and cosy mood you require.

Dimmable lighting is the best choice. This will offer you all the light you need when you want it yet can be reduced to create a tranquil atmosphere when the time comes for you to relax. Candles are also an excellent addition to your bathroom space, especially the scented varieties. These will add another sensory experience to the room.

Try out textures

Use textures to help create your hygge feel. Fluffy towels can instantly transform a cold space, as can thick, soft, luxurious bathmats and sumptuously soft robes hanging on the back of the door.

Strip it back

Stripped back style is what hygge is all about. Consider maximising the space you have, whilst creating a clean look with the use of frameless shower doors, glass fittings and stone-coloured or white tiling to create a natural, laid-back ambience.

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