Creating Space – Things to Think About if you are Adding an Extension

More and more people are deciding that rather than selling their home and moving to a new house, they are adding to the house that they already own by building an extension. There are many benefits to doing this and it is easy to see why it is such a popular option. You can continue to live in your home without completely uprooting, and although you may have builders around for a little while, it is still far less stressful for most people than it is to have to go through an entire house move.

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So, once you have built your lovely new extension, what are you going to do with it? Many people choose to add an extension, to accommodate a growing family. An extra bedroom or two always comes in handy when there are more children on the way. Converting an attic into a room is a popular option, as you don’t have to use any more land up, so you won’t take away any of the garden, but can gain one or two bedrooms from converting an attic. It is something that has become increasingly popular for new home developers in recent years, with three story modern townhouses springing up all over the country – offering the space for a large family to comfortably live in whilst keeping the footprint small. So, an attic bedroom is the perfect solution to accommodate children.

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If you are planning to build on the side of your home, converting a garage is another good idea. It depends if you use it of course, but if you are happy to keep your car on the drive and would benefit from the space, a garage conversion is great. This is a good idea if you may be caring for an elderly or disabled relative who struggles with stairs and needs ground floor accommodation. Depending on how much room you have you can add a downstairs bathroom and even a cosy living room – done well, this can add space and also value to your home in years to come. Even if space is limited, decorating makes all the difference – Paint small rooms lighter colours to open them up and add plenty of mirrors to create the illusion of extra space. Add some nice touches such as lighting – antique crystal chandeliers from are a perfect accessory to any room, and make it look more thought out and special.

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