Dash cams: the key benefits

There are many key benefits to owning a dash cam, but what are dash cams and what do they do?

A dashboard camera (dash cam) is a device that fixes onto the windscreen or dashboard of a car and records your journey and the journey of the cars in front of you. Hit and run accidents are very common and many insurance companies will turn down or even deny genuine claims. Since your insurer won’t pay out unless the offender is found and charged, you may be held responsible for what happened. As more and more people are turning to this type of technology it is interesting to see whether their use will ever become compulsory and whether they will be subjected to annual testing as a part of the legal requirements that MOT Gloucester companies such as swift fit uk currently adhere too during their annual testing.

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A dashboard camera is therefore a great way of helping insurance companies to identify claims that might be fraudulent, with the footage captured helping to determine who is at fault when a major or minor accident occurs.

The main benefits of having a dashboard camera are:

A permanent record of your accident

With video proof, the driver can back up the claim made to the insurance company. This may prevent long and drawn out discussions about who was at fault and paying higher insurance premiums.

Capturing unexpected events

You may not capture something as amazing as an astronomical event, for example; however, the footage will enable you to show your car insurance company why you are making a claim and this might save you from an additional surcharge.

Becoming a better driver

By reviewing how you drive on a regular basis, you can see ways to help correct any driving mistakes you make, such as switching lanes abruptly or braking too hard. The footage will help you to improve your driving skills and make you a much more attentive driver.

Reporting bad drivers

With the roads getting much busier and an increase in the number of traffic problems, the number of bad drivers is on the increase, especially in large cities. Video evidence from dash cams can be used to report dangerous drivers, distracted drivers and road rage incidents.

Identifying vehicle misuse and abuse

Whether you have lent your car to your children, a friend or have dropped it off at a valeting company or garage, you will know exactly how your car was treated and where it was at all times.

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