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Despite the existence of ancient cultures where the art of simplifying everything was already practiced, like the Japanese, the term minimalism is coined in the USA. in 1960. In this article, we approach you to a minimalist lifestyle in which everything superfluous is suppressed to reach the very essence of life.

Minimalism invites us to take a critical look at the value of things. It puts us between the sword and the wall and confronts us with the horror vacui (fear of emptiness) to take us to the root, from where we build our reality.

The foundations of a minimalist lifestyle

The basic concept is to reduce everything to the simplest possible. Although it may seem easy, it is not. It requires a deep analysis of every aspect of our life:

  • The way of dressing
  • Our obligations and commitments
  • The way to feed ourselves
  • The order and the objects that we accumulate in our house
  • The use we make of our time

If we are aware of everything we do not need, we will be able to remove weight from our backpack and learn to reduce worries. Minimalism includes many aspects such as art, design, architecture, fashion, thought and even gastronomy.

Therefore, we are ready to enter a minimalist lifestyle.

What is the purpose of accumulating objects? minimalist lifestyle

In the first place, many of the objects that we have and accumulate end up, with the passing of the years, being something emotional for us. We have attachments and we resist losing them, giving them away or throwing them away. Living with them makes us feel certain emotions every time we come into contact with them.

For starters, minimalism proposes living only with what is necessary. A whole revolution against the compulsive consumerism of our current society. What is the use of storing clothes that we never wear? What is the use of saving objects to which, at most, we remove the dust from time to time?

Way to the minimum expression in our houseminimalist lifestyle

A house gives off tranquility when there are open and open spaces. In addition, it is important to maintain a decoration that is not overloaded and in which order prevails. In fact, when there are few decorative elements, they attract more attention and do not go unnoticed.

Each object must have a motive, a specific use. In this way, you will simplify your life and save time searching for what you need. Therefore, do not get complicated. The motto that we must put into practice is: “less is more”.

Have the courage to throw things

Many people are not able to throw away even things they know they will never use. In fact, everything is saved just in case at some point they find it useful. Try to better select what you buy, especially when you travel.

To start, a good challenge to prove yourself is to throw away 5 objects from your house today.

How many old shoes do you store? Which technology do you keep in drawers, under the pretext of future use? How much tableware, books, used notebooks, clothes, medicines, etc., that you will never use? Do not deceive yourself and have the courage to follow a minimalist lifestyle. You may also check this article: Reduce Waste at Home | 7 Simple tips to reduce your waste at home

Select your timeminimalist lifestyle

Try to discern between what is important and what is not. And, with this premise, dedicate your time to the things that really fill you. In this sense, try not to follow the behavior of majorities, as they obey whimsical fashions that come and go without criteria.

Control the volume of information you want to consume. Try a few hours a day to turn off the television and disconnect from social networks. Do not allow so many distractions and pursue your main goals or what happiest you do.

10 tips that bring us closer to a minimalist lifestyleminimalist lifestyle

Finally, do not miss these 10 basic tips:

  1. The important thing is what we are, not what we have.
  2. Do not waste your time getting involved in projects that you do not believe in.
  3. Do not follow the inertia of things. Try to create your own reality.
  4. Stop tormenting yourself with thoughts from the past.
  5. Stay with emotions and experiences of your trips, not souvenirs.
  6. Learn to select and say no. The shortest way is always the truth.
  7. Do not try to pretend something that you are not.
  8. Cook with the heart. The important thing is quality, not quantity.
  9. Be honest, direct, educated and clear with those around you.
  10. Lives in a simple, uncomplicated and authentic way.

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