Don’t jump off the Roof, Dad

It might seem strange to our modern ears  but this song, about some children trying to coax their at the end of his tether Father to not throw himself bodily from the top of the house, was a big hit for the comedian Tommy Cooper in 1961. Although meant as tongue in cheek the lyrics do make the point that for some Dad’s back then they rarely, if ever spoke, about their feelings so that they would be heard.

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What drives this poor desperate Dad to such lengths? It seems that his boss, his kids winding him up, in fact life in general has got too much. He would have had to make sure the roof was pretty solid in the first place to support his weight and no doubt he used a Gloucester Roofer beforehand.

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His kids come to his rescue beseeching him to not jump off for a number of reasons, none of which seem to be related to the fact they care about him. They highlight the fact he would make a big hole and that the mother’s newly planted petunias will be destroyed. They advise him to go to a nice park where, if he wishes he can throw himself into the lake instead.

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