How to drive and save money at the same time

It’s not often that we equate driving with saving money, but regardless of which car you drive, there are certain factors that can help you save money, reduce fuel consumption and keep pollution to a minimum.

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Before heading out, make a rain check:

Keep it light: A heavy load will increase your fuel consumption, so if you don’t need it, do not take it with you.

What a drag: Reduce drag by packing your roof racks and boxes efficiently.

Set a pace: Don’t waste fuel by ticking over your engine.

Winter woes: De-ice rather than warming up your car as it wastes fuel.

All in the planning: To avoid getting lost and thereby wasting fuel, plan your journey before starting out.

The combined effect: It is better to combine short trips rather than do them individually.

Ask the question: For a single short trip, ask yourself whether it is easier to walk or cycle.

Smoothly does it: Accelerate and drive smoothly to avoid any unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle.

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Don’t stop and start: Roll instead of queuing.

Stay cool: Use your air conditioning wisely as it can increase fuel consumption at low speeds.

All change: Use the most efficient gear to keep fuel costs down.

Minimise your electrics: When you don’t need to use your headlights, fan or window heater, turn them off to save on your car expenditure.

There for a reason: Stick to the speed limit; if you drive at 80mph rather than 70, your fuel consumption increases by 25 per cent.

Keep up with your maintenance

Whether you lease a car in Leicester or own your own, you will know the importance of regular maintenance. Remember to keep your service appointments, use the correct engine oil for your vehicle, and check your tyre pressures. Don’t forget to check maintenance records if you are leasing a car from a fleet management company such as

The yearly cost of driving can run into the £1,000s. Even if you happen to have a good little runner, your breakdown costs, insurance, MOTs, fuel and parking can all quickly clock up the pounds. We hope that this list will help you to bring down the costs of running your vehicle while keeping you safe on the road.

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