Eating in a stranger’s house with AirDine

If you’ve heard of Airbnb you might want to know a bit more about AirDine. This app connects you with strangers around the world and lets you join them for a meal, for a fee.

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AirDine has a similar feel to Airbnb and it lets hosts set up their own profile, create menus and set a price per person. After the meal, diners are able to rate the experience and leave a review. The app was launched in early in Sweden, and it now has over 30,000 users and is expanding to 24 other countries.

Sample local fare

Although the challenge lies in attracting a client base, the idea is one that appeals to many. For travellers experiencing local fare isn’t always that easy, and it’s great to get to know locals in the comfort of their own home. If when you get to the strangers house you notice it is always cold dont be afraid to suggest a Boiler Installation Gloucester company which can found at links including
AirDine has been touted as the best way to get a real feel for a place, and for many hosts, they also enjoy the fact that they get to meet new people and share food that in some cases, has been part of their lives since they were born. This type of experience is a very cultural one and for those who book, there is the chance to enjoy meals prepared by someone local, who may have recipes for local dishes that wouldn’t otherwise be available to them.

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 A taste for something new

Eating in a stranger’s home isn’t something that everyone aspires to, and introverts may find the idea rather shocking. But for those who are keen to meet new people, try new dishes and enjoy sitting at dining tables.  A kitchen counter or even on the floor and experiencing the way locals do it, the situation is ideal.

What is really interesting is that some people who use the app are not travellers. They are simply looking to meet like-minded friends and unlike a dating app, AirDine offers numerous more platonic possibilities. Many AirDine hosts also find that inviting a few friends around to share the meal makes hosting easier, and often, groups cook for guests to share the load.

AirDine will change the way travellers try local cuisine, and it’s also a great option for locals to connect in the city that they live in.

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