Essential steps to building a good H&S culture at work

Employers are increasingly recognising the benefits of a positive culture in the workplace. The culture you adopt says a lot about the way you do things in your workplace and about your organisation.

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Instead of viewing your health and safety policies and procedures as an add-on to your company ethos, they can be an integral part of how you do things. There are many benefits to encouraging the best health and safety mindsets, attitudes and behaviours into the workplace. The best health and safety programmes are those that recognise when a culture change is needed; without this, there can be complacency, which can lead to accidents, injuries and illness.

Call in the experts for electrical installations

According to the Health and Safety Executive, there are electrical standards and approved codes of practice for many electrical installations. It is essential that you ensure the standard you use is the current one.

Electrical control components can be complex, and you may not have anyone in house who is qualified to deal with them. A culture that embraces the concepts of health and safety would consult an expert such as to ensure the components are safe.

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Communication is key

A safe workplace is one in which people know what other workers are doing. If you can improve communication in your workplace, you will improve health and safety. This can be done through weekly or monthly safety talks. It is important to make sure that workers have their say, as this will increase engagement. Employees could even lead the talks or suggest topics.

Don’t write a safety policy and hide it at the back of the filing cabinet. Make the policies readily available online or leave paper copies in the staff room.

Regular and appropriate training

A safe workforce is a highly-trained workforce. When you are willing to invest in employee training, it shows that you are committed to health and safety and your employees will appreciate this. When an employee receives training, they are more likely to buy into the health and safety culture. They will be on the lookout for hazards and will adopt a safety-first mindset.

It is easy to incorporate health and safety into your workplace culture, with multiple benefits for you and your workforce.

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