Even large hosting companies are subject to cyberattack

So just when you think that the large companies have got everything covered, along comes a cyberattack. But don’t worry. This is something that they prepare for, and guard against on a daily, even hourly basis.

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This is a term to describe an attempt to disrupt, disable or try to gain unauthorised access to a computer network with malicious intent. Unfortunately, such attacks have become an increasingly common method used by online criminals to harm a company’s reputation, sales or customer confidence. Such DDoS attacks (Distributed-Denial-of-Service) attacks, are on the increase and have been experienced by many companies worldwide. So far in 2020, Amazon has been attacked in February, EasyJet in May, and then one of Europe’s largest website providers was attacked in September.

Security for websites

This is why it is of vital importance to check the security provision of website services, for features such as regular back-ups and restore points, anti-virus and malware scanning, firewalls, and SSL certificates (Secure Sockets Layer) and DDoS Protection. Website host services provide the technology and services that enable websites to be viewed over the internet. So, when it comes to choosing a reliable company, such as https://www.names.co.uk/web-hosting, it is important to check their security provision as well.

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Security for business

It is surprising to learn, in the light of such cyberattacks, which even the larger website providers and corporations have suffered from, that many small businesses, which are most at risk of cybercrime, do not regularly renew or review the security of their websites. Many don’t even maintain a strict password policy for their staff. This can be a serious oversight for a company or organisation if a mobile device is left unattended or stolen. Just registering websites, through companies with recognised security certificates and a dedicated 24-hour IT team, can go a long way to safeguard even small businesses from cybercrimes such as phishing, malware, fraudulent payment requests and ransom-ware.

Cyberattack is on the increase worldwide, as cybercriminals are able to intelligently expand their techniques and cover their tracks to emerge as something different, but equally destructive. Even the larger companies can fall prey to their tactics. But by choosing your web host with care, and by paying attention to their security service provision, you will have at least taken a step in the right direction to protect your services and website.

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