What Features Do The Safest Cars Have?

oday’s automobiles have been designed and manufactured with safety in mind more than ever before. With the advancements that have come along in automotive technology in just the past decade, the major car companies are putting a greater emphasis on helping the driver avoid accidents by adding features and capabilities as standard components in their vehicles.

Many of these features used to be part of special upgraded packages but with safety becoming more important than ever to consumers, the car companies are making these features more widely available and are expected to increase the safety features of their products in the coming years.

Purchasing a vehicle with as many of these features as possible can help save money on car insurance. Driving a safe car is of utmost importance to insurance companies because if you can avoid getting into any type of accident, that means you’re making fewer claims and you’re less of a risk to insure. So what features do the safest cars have? Let’s take a look at some of the most common and popular equipment on the vehicles that are on the road today.

Rear Camera

Pretty simple really, a tiny lens is mounted on the rear door or trunk of the vehicle in order to give you a better view of what’s behind you. A screen on the dashboard illuminates every time you shift into reverse and while it’s not supposed to replace the need to turn around and check over your shoulder, it can provide you with a more complete view to ensure that you don’t hit anything when you back up.

Collision Warning System

A variety of technologies are combined to provide you with an early detection apparatus to warn that you are about to crash into something. These technologies incorporate laser guidance, radar, camera sensors, and GPS to locate and identify objects that are in your path and you are heading towards with any rate of speed. Some of these vehicles will sound an alarm, others will take action for you by engaging the brakes or steering on their own as a means to avoid impact.

These technologies are also used in popular features such as lane detection and blind-spot warning systems that are being employed in more cars every day. In both instances, the car will warn you when it detects that you are drifting out of the lane in which you are traveling or the lane change you are attempting to make is going to result in an impact with another vehicle.

These features have been designed and implemented in order to prevent some of the most commonly committed traffic accidents by drivers who are unaware or not paying attention to the road around them.

Lower Premiums

Car insurance providers offer a myriad of discounts to help drivers save money on their policies.

So the next time you’re making car insurance comparisons Virginia Beach, consider the type of vehicle you own or, if you’re in the market for a new one, research what kind of safety features are available in the vehicle you are interested in purchasing.

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